Hello world! Welcome to Fahrenheit211

Welcome to fahrenheit  211 – the temperature at which I believe piss boils

(although I’m willing to be corrected about that)

I’m a centre right, reasonably free thinking person with interests in theology and politics expressed  in an eclectic and often poorly spelt  manner.  I won’t always be right (who is?) but I’ll try to bring here both my wibblings and the considerably better contributions of other bloggers.

To get the profile stuff out in the open this blog is:

Not racist but has a profound distrust and dislike of political correctness and the use of speech codes in order shut down debates (for examples visit any Left wing blog).  If you want racist political and religious extremism then Stormfront and Islamic Awakening await you.

Concerned with the growth of Radical Islam.

Concerned about the infiltration of institutions by the leftists and their fellow travellers (who are making the radical islam problem worse IMO)

Definitely anti Labour, sometimes anti Tory and often anti Lib Dem.  If someone was to ask me who to vote for I would urge them ‘Don’t Vote Mainstream’ – vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party if you so wish but try not to vote for a fascist.  If enough people give their votes to the smaller parties although it may not unseat the Establishment LibLabCon MP it will give the political class something to worry about.

Reluctant Monarchist (it’s better than the alternatives -President Clegg anyone?)

I’m a supporter of British Troops and believe that they are treated scandalously by all governments. I wouldn’t want the military to run the country though.  Democracy although imperfect is better than that.   To paraphrase Churchill it’s the least worst option.

I’m a supporter of liberal (in the classic sense of the word not the left wing appropriation of the word) religious causes and although I admire those who have the personal strength to follow strict personal religious rules I know that it’s not for everyone and these extra rules shouldn’t be applied to everyone.  I happen to think that having a good old row about politics is a suitably intellectual exercise even if it is done on your particular Sabbath when others think it shouldn’t be done (yes you over there in the black hat and sideburns I mean you and you up there in the Western Isles tying up the children’s swings on a Sunday I mean you as well. )

I’m a great supporter of the State of Israel and I admire it’s people and the way it manages itself.  It is not perfect (what nation is).  It is however the only working functional democracy in the Middle East and therefore needs to be supported.  I do wish that one day however the Children of Israel and those who call themselves the Children of Ishmael may one day live in friendship.  I also wish the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office would cease to be known as The Camel Corp because of it’s slavish closeness to Arab countries.  Especially when some of these Arab countries that the FCO  sucks up to are engaged in aggressive propaganda against Britain, and the West and Democracy in general.

Although I have spiritual beliefs of my own I am an equal opportunities attacker of all religions including my own.  No one should be killed because of their beliefs but openness and honesty even if it offends, is vital in gaining understanding and eventually building trust between different faiths. If a faith acts in bad faith then it can expect NOT to be trusted. I don’t gratuitously take the piss out of people’s faith but on the other hand I don’t really care if your offended at reasonable criticism of the way that you follow your particular sky pixie.

I ALWAYS however take the piss out of Lefties.

I don’t trust local govt and believe it needs radical reform including making it do LESS.

I don’t trust those who mindlessly promote expansionist religious ideas (Mostly this concerns Islam but Christians do it too but in different ways however a Christian is less likely these days (unlike in the past) to kill someone because of their beliefs.  The Reformation, better bible scholarship and much else helped Christianity grow up in that respect.

I believe in low taxation and personal freedom and responsibility.

Some bits of libertarianism are a bit mad like all political currents.

Nearly all of leftism is a disaster zone and I will come on here with facts and prove it.

Oh and the inclusion of a link from this site doesn’t mean that I agree with all or any of what the link is going to.  I have no time for our glorious Failed Fuhrer Griffin but a link for information purposes to a site that is similar to one of his doesn’t mean I support said party.  There may sometimes be a link to a Left wing site but that sure as anything doesn’t mean I’m a raving commie.

I don’t encourage violence but sometimes it is necessary to have a justification for self defence – I wish it wasn’t necessary however.  In challenging things like expansionist religions or dodgy politicos or whatever I would always advise that people take the peaceful legal road.  Protest, use freedom of information requests, shout at your MP’s and Councillors and rant but don’t call for others to be killed. That way madness lies.  I’ll leave the rabble rousing to others, it’s not my style.  Let the other guy smack you first then hit him back but don’t throw the first punch it ruins the morality of your argument if you do.

I also look around my nation and sometimes weep in grief and desperation when I see what has been done to it, too often by socialists trying to create a utopian short cut to heaven.

There will also sometimes be the odd BFP (not British Freedom Party but ‘Beer Fuelled Post’)