The unspeakable in pursuit of the unedifying

The recent case of the collapse of the proposed Islamia Viliage event in York has thrown up some interesting bits of information about the fight to shut it down. It also throws yet more light on the clash between what we as a majority population tolerate as acceptable, and what the Islamic group behind Islamia Village found acceptable.

To paraphrase this link The group behind the Islamia Villiage wanted to have a four day conference / family event in a venue in York.

After various bloggers and interested parties contacted the venue detailing just who will be speaking and providing checkable background information on the various hate preachers who were attending.  To be fair the venue got the message and tried to do something about it but for various reasons they failed.  Not all the fault of the venue I might add.

The venue appears to have not been aware of the content of messages that would have been disseminated at the Islamia Villiage event. There was to be a promulgation of hatred against non muslims, Jews, Christians, Gays, Women etc etc. If any sort of event could be called anti democratic it would be this one although I would guess a meeting of The Stalin Society could come close.

From what I can gather the venue has more than likely behaved in a naive manner over this event. A basic websearch of some of the names of the speakers who were going to attend would have told them all they needed to know. Unfortunately a bit of politically correct paralysis may have kicked in here as they may not have had the confidence to call out fascist for being a fascist just because the fascist was of the islamic faith. It’s vital to remember that not all fascists come complete with a handy ‘goose-step-and-jackboots’ identifier. It is also vital to be informed about the various beliefs,theology, religious law stuff etc so that we can identfy the nutters and separate them from quietist non expansionist Muslims.  The scary thing about this is the outright refusal of the Islamic group to see anything wrong with any of the speakers proposed.

A multitude of different groups and individuals were involved in campaiging for the hatefest event to be cancelled. There was a response to this hatefest that took in entities from the left over to the far right such as the BNP. I’m pleased that there was a great turnout against the hatefest but I condemn the threats of violence that have been allegedy made against the venue and it’s supporters. Threats of violence like that only play into the hands of the far left multiculturalists and their supporters and fellow travellers in local and national government and the police etc. Don’t do it like that fight and win with style. Leave savage behaviour to savages.

Now I consider myself to be a Nationalist but before you scream ‘nazi’ (oh the irony – LOL) I’m not the sort of nationalist that the BNP would want and those of us who’ve seen them in action and in council have been distinctly unimpressed. Nationalism is a tool just like a hammer,or a knife, or a sp anner, all these things can injure or kill if used as weapons.

The thrust of my rant about Islamia villiage is that if people and especially the venue were aware at an ealier stage of the booking, and if they had probably not been so paralyised by political correctness, then this booking could have been quietly bounced at a much earlier stage.  As it is this issue was allowed to fester like an untreated infection, and this has given the knuckledraggers and those who get a hard on for violence an excuse to get involved.

The moral of this story is that to fight extremist Islam especially when it poses as a moderate form needs us to be informed and ready to get involved and protest at a much earlier stage.

Hat Tip The Islamic Far Right in Britain

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  1. Can not remember the EXACT details now, it was a good few years back, but I seem to remember that Alton towers did not appear to have a problem instantaneously banning non muslims, at the behest of a muslim wedding party.

    Where were the commy bed wetters, melons, and other asorted “rascist” screamers THEN?

  2. FT, if that ‘s correct that’s appalling. I can see the reasoning or not having a non whatever take part in a religious service (priest doing mass for example) but to ban non whatevers from a venue because of a wedding? That’s appalling. I think that you will find that the lefty screamers only scream when it conveniently fits their ideology.

    I think that one of the things that needs to be much more publicised is the general racisim and prejudice present within a fair bit of Islam. It’s always kufar this and kuffar that it cheeses me off.

    Back to the subject of Islamia villiage. This event should have been bounced at a much earlier stage. I think a basic bit of research on the part of the venue management really early on would have thrown up plenty of reasons to tell the organisers to bugger off. The venue would not have a problem with banning the BNP from their venue for reasons of promulgating hate against others and the Islamofash should have been subject to the same level of scrutiny because they also promulgate hate.

    The key thing with the Islamia villiage event is that having these nutjob speakers there was so key to the success of the event that not having the nutjobs meant the event had to be cancelled. Shouldn’t that tell you something? That the organisers couldn’t run the event because screaming nutters were sadly integral to the event and the worldview behind it.

    • XX FT, if that ‘s correct that’s appalling. I can see the reasoning or not having a non whatever take part in a religious service (priest doing mass for example) but to ban non whatevers from a venue because of a wedding? XX

      I remember a bit more now, as I have been searching my brain all day…. (short day?)….DON’T even think it! 🙂

      Alton towers had a wedding booked. Then came another booking from a muslim “group”, who demanded that either all the women of the first christian wedding party “covered up”, or they would go elsewhere.

      Alton towers management asked the first wedding party if they would mind. They told them, in not so many words to…. “go away”.

      Alton towers then made an ultimatum to the christian wedding party, “cover up, or cancel”. THAT is when it hit the media.

      As far as I remember, the went somewhere else in disgust. (Bloody HOPEFULLY!)

      Now, as I say, I can not remember every single detail, but that is the basic plot. It was between 2 and 5 years ago, and was all over the likes of the “Mail” and “Express”. I am also sure it was during my first encounters over at Julia M’s place, and she had something about it as well.

      • Do you know what FT I think that sounds worse than before to be quite frank. It was appallingly arrogant of the Muslim group to demand the cover up of non Muslim women and segregation of the sexes. There are some religions that do sex segregation (Orthodox Jews for example) but I don’t think they would ever demand that the broadly secular world complied with their worldview (obviously Jerusalem is an exemption)

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