How often do the wrong people have to get nicked….

….before people start to sit up an take notice of the problems of a legal system that is departing from the fair concept of ‘one law for all’.

This is from Bexley in South East London hat tip to the blogger Dogwash for highlighting this.

There is so much in this case that warrants debate but I cannot for the life of me figure out why the police banged up the guy who made the citizens arrest on the BB / airgun shooting suspect in question?

Protecting people from law or giving them extra rights or consideration because of their race, which is what is being alleged here,  is what we used to call racism and when combined with state action to enforce the differences in law we used to call Apartheid or separate development.

I think that this little scroats complaint racism should have been laughed off by the police and he should have been told to shove it where the sun don’t shine, instead of which a member of the public (who to be quite frank was doing the old bills job for them ie bringing in said scroat) ends up in the cells.

The law should be the same for all black and white, after all that is what many marched for in the past but this policy of giving weight to complaints from one community but not another is heading us down a road to disaster.  There is a nothing wrong in my eyes with a multi racial society but multiculturalism is a different matter, multiculturalism is a disaster as we are seeing and will only result in more division between groups.

Same blood, same justice, it’s not too much to ask is it?

I’d like to add a correction to say that a Citizens Arrest needs to be done straight away and not later.  Thanks for F Teutonicus for pointing this out.  However, the incident does still raise the question about whether the victims father would have got any response from the police if he had contacted them.  

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  1. XX the guy who made the citizens arrest on the BB / airgun shooting suspect in question? XX

    A DAY later.

    A “citizens arrest”, must be IMMEDIATE. Only the police* are empowered to make an arrest AFTER the event.

    * Along with other “authorised bodies” such as Customs, immigration, etc.

  2. Whoops my error I should’t have referred to the guy grabbing the suspect as a citizens arrest. However, he did bring the offender to the police even if it was a period after the event. It would have been interesting to see if the police would have responded if he had reported the sighting of the suspect to them.

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