Sometimes only the word ‘Traitor’ will do.

I greeted the news that George Galloway had allegedly accepted a job working for a media outlet that is supportive of the Syrian and Iranian Governments with a weary sigh and the realisation that Galloway looks as though he has found yet another dictator to fellate (ain’t we lucky we didn’t have Galloway in our midst between 1939-1945).

It’s appalling that this low rent Lord Haw Haw, this hollow but dangerous Spode is currently warming his bottom of the green benches of the House of Commons.  This supporter of Islamists, this mountebank, this traitor, for I believe that there is no other word to describe him, sits in a democratic legislative chamber, paid for by us, but who consorts with all manner of unsavoury undemocratic charachters.  

I would ask the voters of Bradford West to examine their consciences in great detail before the next election before they commit their vote again to Galloway.  Sometimes voters bring shame on themselves and by voting for Galloway, who is an inveterate promoter of the anti democratic, as their MP they have so comprehensively brought shame on themselves as a group.

I fully concur with a policy of not voting for mainstream parties but Respect FFS you might as well have voted for an alliance between the Socialist Workers Party and Hezbollah because that’s what you’ve got in Galloway.  Don’t vote mainstream, but also please, don’t vote fascist including the fascism of an Islamist kind such as what Galloway supports both in word and by his choice of associates.