Possibly useful resources

Islam, anti terrorism and organisational resources

These are resources either on Islam itself or on Islamic terrorism or on activism – there are also some Muslim good guys here as well. These things are for your use for research. However, I cannot stress enough that although it’s right to peacefully go after the ideology of Islam and also Islams fellow travellers, please remember that Muslim individuals are sometimes just as much victims of Islam as anyone else. Leave ’em alone.

Go after the ideology but leave the individuals alone, I must keep saying it. These resources are not for the encouragement of violence (if you are looking for aggro then fuck off to Stormfront or similar), they are for self study so that people can learn, and be confident that they know what they are talking about, when they speak on the subject of Islam and its relations with free societies. As I said these resources are ones that I have found useful you may be able to find others.

This list is heavily biased towards those sources that come from Ex Muslims as I believe that they often have background information (especially cultural information) that is useful and have in some cases come to their unbelief through qu’ranic study.

http://www.islam-watch.org/ This is a site run by Muslim apostates and is quite scholarly and has quite a fair bit of background. Lots of info on Islam probably a whole lot more than you need but it’s there.

This site is not to be confused with….

http://www.jihadwatch.org/ which is run by the Anti Jihadist Robert Spencer. His book The Truth About Muhammed is interesting and covers in a sceptical way the beginnings of Islam. Unfortunately Robert Spencer’s site does tend to be a bit screechy and may not be for everyone. I tend to go to other places for my information and double check any info that does come from Jihadwatch. A similar site to Jihadwatch is Gates of Vienna – Both are hard core anti jihadist sites which to my mind cross the line and do not distinguish between Muslim individuals and the ideology of Islam. G o V and Jihadwatch make me a little uneasy for that reason. Also quoting from them is the best way to get a leftie/multiculturalist to totally ignore your argument. ‘Oh it’s from jihadwatch, na, na,na,na,na, can’t/won’t hear you…la la la’ If you see what I mean.

http://alisina.org/ Ali Sina is another Ex Muslim who has dedicated himself and his life to countering the idea that Islam is peaceful at heart and also to scientifically explaining alleged Qu’ranic miracles.

http://apostatesofislam.com/ More Ex muslims speaking up. I’d like to draw the attention to the link in this site that helps Muslims leave Islam. It is a fundamental right in a free society that a person should be allowed to renounce their religion without fear if they should so choose. Islam is a politico-religious system that is easy to join but costly to leave. That is not to say that I’m any great fan of Pamela Geller and her set (who are involved with the site), but as it is said, even the Devil can quote scripture, if you see what I mean.

http://www.actforamericaeducation.com/about-us This is a US site but one that has an extensive bibliograpy on Islam and terrorism and related issues. There are web resource links on there which are well worth exploring. On the subject of ACT for America Education it was founded by a lady called Brigitte Gabriel who was born in the Lebanon and who’s family suffered greatly during the Muslim / Christian civil war there. I’d recommend reading her book ‘Because They Hate’.

Although an American site a lot of the information is transferable back to this side of the pond.

http://theislamicfarrightinbritain.wordpress.com/about-2/ This site appears to be of a centre left persuasion (by my own assessment that is) but none the less has a lot of info on the Islamic Far Right. It’s not an anti muslim site but it does what it says on the tin and goes after the Islamic far right.

http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ This site may be too much of the political right for some but it does carry a pretty good news ticker thingy that details Islam inspired terrorist attacks worldwide. They also call for the Islamic ideology to be attacked and not individuals, which gives them brownie points in my eyes.

What is quite funny is the table of positive and negative attributes called ‘What Would Mohammed Do?’ (based on the What Would Jesus Do? Meme). This is useful as it has source links to find where the particular attribute came from in the Qu’ran and Hadith it can be found at http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/WWMD.htm

http://www.faithfreedom.org/about-us/ More ex muslims.

If you are looking for activists who may share your uneasiness about the growth of Islam as a religio-political philosophy, then try:

http://lawandfreedomfoundation.org/ This org is known for lodging planning objections to mosques. There site is worth a look. Your choice, you decide.

http://casualsunited.wordpress.com/about/ Not everyones cup of tea although they do describe themselves as ‘peaceful hooligans’. Grass roots anti jihadists and allegedly nothing to do with the EDL. If you have politically correct sensibilities though then don’t go there. Again your choice, you decide.

There are others out there but I’ll leave you to research and decide which of them fit your political views and also which ones are squareable with both your conscience and activism style. Those groups that encourage hate filled mobs are not the answer though, history has seen too many hate filled mobs.

The presence of a link on here doesn’t mean I approve of all or anything that they say or do or believe. In some cases it is a matter of a stopped clock being right twice per day, ie, where there s someone who’s other views I may normally disagree with but on occasion says something sensible. For example: Just because someone admires the German Autobahn system it doesn’t automatically follow that the aforementioned admirer of teutonic motorways is a screaming nazi nutter.

Freedom of Information

Want find out how your local authority is spending your money? Want to know how much is spent on things like Diversity Officers, translation services, separate education etc. Want to find out if there are links between YOUR council and various groups and individuals of concern? Want to make sure that they are integrating immigrants properly and not encouraging ghettos? Then you need to make use of one of Labour’s few achievements, The Freedom of Information Act. You can find out here about the Act.



Fitna http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIKCgRlwQUA This was made by Dutch Anti Jihadists and shows savagery and the Qu’ranic verses that inspired it. Also shows how Islam has negatively affected the Netherlands.

Good Guys

http://www.bmsd.org.uk/ British Muslims for a Secular Democracy

http://www.spittoon.org/ Al Spitoon – muslims of various levels of practice and belief who disagree with Islamic clerical extremism and fascism. Support them.

http://sufimuslim.homestead.com/about/index.html Although many will have peaceful theological differences with Islam per se, Sufi Islam it is not one of aggressive strains of Islam and calls for all to seek the peace of the city in which one finds oneself. The Sufi’s have been great friends of the Abrahamic Religions and have sometimes found themselves persecuted by other Islamic currents because of this friendship.

The enemies

The enemies they are legion and you can probably find them quite easily if you look but if you want to see one of their bulletin boards then a good example would be Islamic Awakening

http://forums.islamicawakening.com/forum.php Their jihad and politics board is a full on whine-fest with everybody else to blame for the problems in the Ummah (Britain, the USA, Israel, France whatever) but strangely little self blame. I’d recommend keeping an eye on this and similar sites (especially if you have Arabic language skills) and reporting anything suspicious to the police and the security services. MI5 can be contacted via their website (but I’m not linking to it from here 😉 )


Sometimes when looking between Jihadist and Neo Nazi sites when researching this stuff I find myself like one of the watching creatures at the close of Orwell’s animal farm where they ‘look from pig to man and from man to pig but already it was impossible to say which was which.’


I find ALL agressive religious loons a problem,it’s just that islam is this generations problem