Walthamstow, the EDL, Policing and the Left/Islamic alliance

I’ve been following the story of the EDL march in London’s Walthamstow against jihadism and the allegations of islamification of what was once a mixed working class area.

Now, I’m anti Jihadist and anti Islam as a politico-religious ideology (but haven’t got anything against Muslims as individuals) because Islam is a philosophy that is very much at odds with Judeo-Christian / Secular concepts of freedom. However, (for the benefit of my more knee jerk leftist readers) I am not a member of the EDL, nor the BNP nor the BFP or any one of the political alphabet soups that are out there. I’m just a bog standard person who is concerned about the growth of ideologies incompatible with democracy. You know the sort of things we used to fight wars against in defence of our hard won freedoms. I do therefore take an interest in what anti jihadi’s are up to and the general response to them.

With regards the recent EDL march in Walthamstow I was following the story as much as I could as it unfolded and prior to the event and I got the impression that the EDL did liaise properly with the police, as would any responsible demo organiser, but there appears from the account below to be a situation in Walthmstow where not only were there failures in policing of the march itself, but that the opposition to the EDL in the area , the political far Left and their Islamic allies in Walthamstow had possibly been allowed to tool up with impunity, before the event.

It is a failure of policing from my point of view to ignore the fact that the far left such as the SWP and others look like they’ve been stirring stuff up in Walthamstow well before the EDL march (I understand that they were also stirring in the background prior to the last Tottenham riots).

The police may well have taken their eyes off of the far left and their allies whether deliberately or because of incompetence I cannot say. The police should have kept a much closer eye on what the Trots were up to and what they and their front groups were saying.

With some groups on the left for the police to take the point of view that they are ‘harmless mad lefties’ is not an option. For example The Stalin Society (bloody hell they are still going!) are harmless although deeply weird nutters who revere a mass murderer but can be safely ignored, whereas the Socialist Workers Party is a different kettle of fish it’s more active, has more front groups, often links with Islamist groups and individuals, has a brainwashed biddable membership and is therefore much more dangerous. Some of these SWP freaks believe that co-operation with Islam and Islamism will help to usher in an era of glorious proletarian revolution. More than likely to happen is what happened in Iran after the revolution, where the clerics got power and wiped out the left wingers who’d helped them. With the SWP / Islamist alliance we have ideological stupidity in the form of the Swappies coupled with the muscle of the puffed up Jihadi boys. A dangerous combination.

I wasn’t there, at Walthamstow so I cannot comment in any detail about what happened only on those points that have been reported and that have caught my eye and sparked my interest, and prodded me into slagging off the Socialist Workers Party (who to be quite frank should be slapped as often as possible).

As always there will be different points of view. I’ve put up this point of view from the Casuals United site on the grounds that it’s a point of view that has not been heard much in the mainstream media whereas the Leftist / Hope Not Hate types get quite a lot of airtime and print space (the EDL what ever you think of them do not appear to be, or contain too many, screaming Hitler worshippers unlike some other groups) .

Having been on, shouted at, supported, opposed and organised demos in the past, some the descriptions of the policing in this post reproduced below hint at piss poor policing and disorganised incompetence from the Metropolitan Police. I also found completely gob-smacking the comment that the police’s hands are tied when it comes to policing Islamic marches, because they cannot use police dogs to control the crowds on Islamic marches as the Islamic fruitcakes consider dogs as ‘unclean’. Also, for the police to ‘arrest’ a march of approximately 300 people shows that in some cases the police are losing it big time.

I think a country should aspire to policing all equally but what we seem to have here is an example of how the anti jihadists may be being policed more heavily than those who are either jihadist or fellow travellers with jihadism*. I hope I’m wrong.


We had a bad feeling about this demo, could not understand how the MET were allowing us to march through the streets of Walthamstow and we KNEW it was going to be a massive stitch up. For this reason my sister and me decided to travel to Walthamstow on our own and wander about to see what was what. There were gangs of pyjama wearers on every street corner, eagerly awaiting the chance to attack the EDL. Some of them even started praying in the street such is the grip of the brainwashing they have had imposed upon them. We sat on a wall and watched as lefty gimps who looked like schoolteachers ran around rabble rousing and trying to sell Socialist Worker papers LOL. Town Square was totally infested with Commies and Muslim youth were running around excitedly. We wandered through the streets and could see Muslim youths staring at us suspiciously as we innocently walked around. Knowing that if they knew who we were they would have murdered us was a whole lot of fun. What a buzz. A town called Malice.

When the EDL march appeared in the distance that was it. We were barged out of the was as Somalis and Muslims rushed from every side street to attack with stones and bottles. Fair play to the police they were battling it out with them in the backstreets and there were a lot of angry scenes in the streets away from the march. We could see the EDL fighting to get out and have a go back and police steaming into them with batons. We got into a park and hordes of Muslims were running along throwing eggs and stones. This was heavy now. The EDL were near the demo area but it was infested with Muslims and Commies. They had sat in the road with their kids and were refusing to move. Tommy and co were being bombarded with rocks by the crowd of about 500 hysterical Muslims and their Antifa pals. The police started marching the EDL back as they couldn’t get them to the demo area as the Commies were so close there would have been a full on riot. This was bad public order planning and you have to think it was deliberate. Cars full of young Muslims started turning up and the Commies Social Worker types started to drift away as the atmosphere was becoming positively nasty. We felt like some of the Muslim youth were looking at us and some Commies suspiciously, no doubt they weren’t truly happy to stand next to Kuffar while defending “their area”. Weve got a lot of pics and will sort them out shortly.

We decided to “do one” and flanked the EDL march back down to Blackhorse rd. They again came under sustained attack and in the back streets hordes of Muslims and some blacks were on the rampage, fighting the police. The EDL were still chanting and trying to have a go back and we were totally proud of them. At the end of the day, patriots had marched through an area which is basically a multicultural hell hole, come under a massive attack and were walking back out with heads held high. Well done everyone who attended.

Back at Blackhorse road a smaller group of lefties were there screaming and shouting and talking about “Cable Street” YAWN. They had obviously decided this was safer than further up the road where if they had stayed any longer they would have probably been attacked by angry Muslims who were fuming that they couldn’t get at EDL.

Police then decided that they were going to arrest the whole EDL demo, it looked like approx 350-400 people for a suspected “breach of the peace”. If they had just put them straight back on the tube the whole situation would have been diffused. Instead they kept them there for hours. We heard a coppers radio say that hundreds of “youths” were on the rampage an d that a bus had been set on fire. We decided it was time to get away.

I notice that the police have not told the media about the vicious rioting we saw, or that they unlawfully arrested possibly 400 people. They were heavily criticized after arresting 172 on Armistice Day and I expect they’d like to cover this one up. Not on our shift. Becki is working on a complaint letter and advice on making complaints and on suing for false imprisonment, watch this space. Police have apparently told the EDL they can expect the same treatment on any future London demos. They also admitted they cant use dogs against Muslim rioters as they find the dogs offensive. I find police dogs trying to bite me offensive, and I found Somali and Pakistani youths attacking my friends pretty offensive too.

Well done everyone who made the trip. What is the point of liason when this is how they treat you? Whoever made the decision to detain the EDL at this stage has made a serious error of judgement.



Update a video of EDL trying to retaliate against those pelting them with bottles (Click link)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSZgNWtxoF0&feature=player_embedded “

There is a delicious irony about all the shouts and chatting about Cable Street coming from the Left over all this. The original Battle of Cable Street was a fight back against the fascism of Oswald Mosley and his chums back in the 30’s. Cable Street today is firmly under the control of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, a local authority now virtually wholly owned by the local Bangladeshi Islamic community and more worryingly various groups that are not exactly unfriendly to the concept of Islamic religious fascism.


*Note to my Muslim readers, don’t come on here giving it large about how Jihad only relates to internal spiritual struggle. There are more verses and more commentary on the matter of violent and expansionist jihad than there are for jihad as a form of internal struggle. Sod off I’ve heard it before.