Bearded savages of the day number 9

To the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh where Islamic headcases have kicked off again. This time over a religious book allegedly thrown from a train.

The Times of India reports:

”GHAZIABAD: A mob went on the rampage and set fire to a police station in Masuri area of Ghaziabad late on Friday night after they found a religious book near the Dasna railway station. “

The newspaper added:”The rampaging people set the Masuri police station on fire and even burnt a restaurant. Several vehicles were torched and the Delhi-Moradabad section of the NH-24 was completely jammed. Traffic had to be diverted via Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad. “

Police sources said that prima facie it appears that someone threw the book from a train going from Adhyatmik Nagar towards Hapur near the railway station. Local residents approached the police and shouted slogans against the administration and the police. “

This burning down of restaurants seems to be becoming a bit of a habit with Islamic headcases what with a KFC in Lebanon being burned down in protest at the visit to that country by the Pope.

The reason they riot is not books or films or plays, they riot because they are told to do so by Islam. The right to disregard a copy of a mass produced book even one which some consider holy,which we take for granted here in the west, is alien to the Islamic mind.

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  1. Noggin the Nog | September 15, 2012 at 12:08 pm |

    Sufis are the majority in Uttar Pradesh.

    See? Violent thuggery and Islam are the best of friends, whatever the subsection of the cult.

    Machine guns are the best way to deal with civil unrest.

    Cuts down on repeat offenders too.

    • To paraphrase Orwell, There is violence is all muslim creeds but in some parts of Islam violence will be more easy to sideline or quell than in others. I know that but I’m primarily concerned with what is on my back door and the UK sufi’s are not behaving how other branches of Islam are behaving in the UK. I judge the Sufi’s on their actions in the UK mostly. and they have not behaved like the disgusting followers of other branches of Islam have done.

  2. Noggin the Nog | September 15, 2012 at 1:21 pm |

    You know loads of Somalians are Sufi, don’t you? Their behaviour in the UK is typical for this cult. Indeed, Sufism and its followers turned Somalia into the utter shit pit it is today, and will succeed in the same in the UK if allowed to continue in their particular brand of moon-worshipping.

    There are no moderate muslims; there is NOTHING desirable in ANY of the teachings of ANY of the numerous sub-sections and divisions. lslam is a disease that will, if left unchecked, kill the host.

    Give me ONE example where the introduction of Islam to a nation, any nation, has ever improved that nation by so much as a gnat’s whisker.

    You are not going to like my next statement, but I’m not one to mince words. I hinted at it in a previous comment. One of the problems with Islam is the fact that the vast majority of its followers are from the backward, lower races, of limited intelligence and personal industry. They latch on to Islam as it give religious legitimacy to their unnatural urges, like killing people, shagging their cousins, sanctifying adultery, rape, slave trading, paedophilia and bestiality, anti semitism, etc, etc. They use Islam as a shield for the real root of the problem, which is their inherent lack of morality and civilisation, intelligence, education and refined culture. We are dealing with backward savages, with darkened hearts and darkened minds, who follow a backward cult. Until we call a spade a spade, and Islam a backward, savage geo-political ideology with designs on world domination and not a religion, which excuses the sins of its followers by calling then acts of righteousness, all hope is lost.

    • But the type of Sufi practiced in Somalia and amongst somali’s is different from that practiced in Mali for instance. What I’m saying is that individual muslims are not the problem and never should be but those parts of islam that are problematical need to be dealt with.

      The sufi muslim council in the UK has gone further than many muslim groups in condemning extremism. A sharp contrast to groups such as the Muslim Association of Britain or the Muslim Public Affairs Committee.

      Anyway we will have t agree to disagree on this matter. I believe that some Sufi movements are relatively benign and you disagree, fair do’s.

      About the only thing I can think of that has been positive to Islam in Europe is the architecture of the alhambra in spain. Oh and on the subject of Islamic vandalism, it helps to recall that when the Israeli’s pulled out by agreement from Gaza they left state of the art agricultural infrastructure which was trashed by the vandals of Hamas and others. 5000 Arab workers lost their jobs after the pull out in 2005. Talk about cutting of your nose to spite your face.

      I don’t agree with you that islam is used as a sheild for inherent savagery. I think that having Islam as the dominant culture ( a culture that doesn’t encourage internal debate or challenge) has prevented many Islamic nations from having a social, religious and technical enlightenment such as has happened in the West. I think the individuals throughout the world are equal but cultures however are not.

      Think about what culture you would want to live in if you were a woman. Would it be the UK or would it be Saudi. I happen to think our culture is demonstrably superior to Islamic culture but that doesn’t mean the individuals within Islamic cultures are inherently evil by birth or race.

      The effects of culture on a person carries a whole lot more weight on how they wil behave and the moral codes they have than any accident of birth. Its Islam as a philosophy which is the problem not people who just happen to hail from the sub continent for example. Look how well the Hindu’s who also hail from the sub conttinent have done in comparison to Muslims for example. It’s the culture not the race that is the issue here.

  3. Noggin the Nog | September 15, 2012 at 2:36 pm |

    We could go on forever.

    Hindus have, relatively speaking, done better than muslims, mostly because it would be hard not to. They still, for the most part, live in grinding poverty, starving and diseased, with the false belief in reincarnation and the caste system leaving them zero hope of improvement as they must have ‘done something in a previous life to deserve it’. Backward savagery. Just not of a brand of the same level of aggresssion as Islam. Yet.

    Notably, the areas of India which are the most civilised are those which a) were governed directly by the British and as a result had railways, schools, hospitals, etc, and b) were not muslim dominated.

    I never said that certain races were inherently wicked due to their race alone. I believe that all men are equal, insofar as they are all inherently bad, selfish, immoral, sinful if you like. What happens in the western world is laws, traditions and expected stadards of behaviour govern this inherent corruption, laws and standards derived directly from Christianity. The more we depart from those standards, by both elavating idolatry to the level of religion and dragging Christianity down to the level of a cult, the more savage we become. cf UK circa 1900 with UK today.

    Islam does the exact opposite! It excuses sin as righteousness and is naturally appealing to morally delinquent. Those lacking in intelligence and education fall for this, especially as the alternative is usually re-education via a scimitar.

    It is scientific fact that there are differences in the levels of intelligence, amongst other things, of the races. That is where the problem comes in. We cannot help these people, if that is what we are trying to do, by allowing them to live a violent delusion, and inflict that delusion upon others.

  4. Noggin the Nog | September 15, 2012 at 4:52 pm |

    The success of the British Hindu (an oxymoron, but never mind) is down solely to the fact that they are in Britain, not that they are Hindu, as evidenced by the fact that their own country is, with the exception of the parts which retained some benefits of the British presence, shit.

    • Oh dear, so why is that HIndu’s do well elsewhere other than the UK for example the USA. If anything it is down to attitudes to education.

      You learn and then you or the next generation moves up. Other cultures don’t have that and fall behind.

      The problem with how India has developed is not so much Hinduism but Indian politics.

  5. Noggin the Nog | September 15, 2012 at 7:58 pm |

    You prove my point for me. I was not saying that England per se was the reason for success, and should have made myself more clear. They will succeed in any western civilisation. US, UK, Australia, France, doesn’t matter. They succeed because they are in Judeo Christian civilisation, not because they are Hindu.

    Indian politics cannot be divorced from Indian religion, hence the corrupt shambles. Not that our politics is anything to be envied, due in no small part to the abandonment of Christian principles within its walls and the pandering to idolatry and idolators.

    • Look, as much as you or I may disagree with what is obviously to a monotheist idolatry in Hinduism, they have an attitude to education that is very much more positive than how islamic cultures seem to value education. I think Hindu’s do well where ever there is a positive social value put on hard work and knowledge.

  6. Noggin the Nog | September 15, 2012 at 9:00 pm |

    Yep, Hindus are great. That’s why their counry is such a success and inequality has been eliminated.

    • India having to recover from the trauma of partition, fighting wars with Islamist lunatics (now nuclear tipped) and being cursed by years of Nehru style statism and socialism hasn’t exactly helped development. You could probably turn the richest place in the planet into a basket case if you gave it that antecedents.

  7. Noggin the Nog | September 15, 2012 at 10:29 pm |

    Except it wasn’t like that when the Brits were running the show.

    The jewel in the crown.

  8. Robert the Biker | September 17, 2012 at 10:55 am |

    The big difference IMHO is that in islam when you point the finger to absolve yourself of blame, it’s all “the will of allah” “it was written”, or, if you’ve been caught bigtime in rape, murder, shagging kiddies and generally being a twat “following the example of mohammed”. With Christianity, when you point that finger, you find yourself facing a mirror and it points straight back to you.

    • Robert, you’ve raised a good point there. There does seem to be a difference between how Islam treats issues of personal responsibility and how Christianity and Judaism treat the same issues.

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