Walthamstow – the process of Islamisation

This piece from the magazine New English Review is worth reading it shows just how much Islam now dominates the London Borough of Waltham Forest.


It is written from the point of view of someone who’s family had supported the idea of religious freedom and protested in support of those freedoms but has found that Islam has not only taken advantage of those freedoms but has to be quite frank, taken the piss.

Waltham Forest is also the home of the inveterate Jihadist Anjem Choudhury of the now banned group Muslims Against Crusades.

The writer states that the problems with Waltham Forest and Walthamstow go far beyond the attempts by Choudhury to impose Sharah Law on the people of Waltham Forest.

The article says:

”It is about much more than Anjem Choudary and his acolytes and the various groups they have formed over the years. But I will start with them. But where exactly do I start? The beginning is a good place but where and when did it begin? For me it was the summer of 1976 when the National Front held a demonstration against the plans to turn a former carpet and textile factory in Lea Bridge Road into a mosque. My mother joined the counter demonstration, believing that everybody has a right to worship God and that a mosque would be no different to the Catholic churches of the Irish and Italian immigrants, the Gospel churches of the West Indians and the Synagogues of the Jews. I was so proud of her. That became the Jamia Mosque. Little did I know that less than 10 years later that this mosque would hang a banner on its front wall saying ‘God is only one, HE HAS NO SON’ which I found so offensive, and was the beginning of a realisation that Islam was not a religion willing to live and let live. The mosque has not, so far as I know, been the centre of any terrorist plots. It has been the subject of a power struggle in recent years and produced a sadistic Imam and teacher, Gulam Hussein who was jailed two years ago for beating the children sent to him for religious teaching. “

The Borough has become a hotbed of Islamic extremism and to a large extent has become a hostile ghetto.

The writer of the article continues:

“No one who was there will forget the 11th November 2010 when the Muslims Against Crusades defiled Remembrance Day by burning poppies. That took place in Kensington but it was planned and conceived in Waltham Forest by men who live and worship there.”


“Advertising posters of women modelling non-Islamic swimwear were defaced at Walthamstow Central earlier this summer.”

The influence of Islam in Walthamstow is very strong, possibly too strong.

The Muslims in Great Britain website lists 18 mosques in Waltham Forest. Another mosque is the Masjid-al-Tawhid further up Leyton High Road. This mosque was mentioned in the Channel Four Dispatches documentary Undercover Mosque.  
Suhaib Hasan, the senior imam was heard encouraging violence against women, homosexuals and non-Muslims, and recommending “The chopping of the hands of the thieves, the flogging of the adulterers. . .Then jihad against the non-Muslims” 

It is shocking just how short a time it has taken to turn a racially and culturally mixed area into an Islamic ghetto where those whose home it used to be now feel like aliens.

Maybe those who pander to Islam or protect it from criticism and campaign for its insertion into towns and cities that are currently mostly free of it should be careful of what you wish for. Islam is different from all other religions it is not as the writer of the article says ‘a religion that is willing to live and let live’ and therefore needs to be treated with a high degree of suspicion by anybody who believes in freedom.

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  1. XX The Muslims in Great Britain website lists 18 mosques in Waltham Forest. XX

    And every one of them full to overflowing, I bet.

    Which belies the Westminster (and the Reichstag equivalent) dictatorships assertions, that they are “only 10% (or whatever ridiculously low number they attach to it) of the total population.”

    (If that is the case, why does the entire muslim population of Berlin choose to travel on the same U-Bahn as me every morning?)

    • It is not so much the number of followers of Islam but the number who turn a blind eye to hatred of the nation in which they live that bothers me. However, with the numbers of followers of Islam increasing considerably between 2000 and 2008 that means a lot more headcases and a lot more people turning a blind eye to hatred.

      If the followers of Islam were quietist and non expansionist then less people would have a problem with them.

      We have an Islam problem in the UK which is becoming more than apparent, but it needs to be dealt with in a mainstream political way. If it is not dealt with in a mainstream way then out will come the vile mobs with flaming torches to deal with the problem for them. I don’t want to see this. No sensible person wants to see a repeat of Krystalnacht.

      (ps if you want a laugh have a peep at the deluded lefties and islamic apologists over at my ‘neville meredith useful idiot post’)

      • Robert the Biker | September 28, 2012 at 10:27 am |

        Seems to me that we are having the repeat of Krystalnacht right now with the ‘slims throwing rocks, burning flags and poppies and generally acting like the sacks of shit we know and love

        • Robert, my concern is that if the mainstream politicos don’t get a grip on the Islam problem then it will not only be the troublemakers that get hit by the possibly violent reactions of those fed up with Islam, it will be those who just happen to be nominally Muslim and who are to me no issue at all.

          I want to see removal by legally overseen imprisonment, internment and expulsion from UK society those followers of Islam who are either stirring problems, calling for Shariah law or who are just here to ponce.

        • XX Robert the Biker permalink

          Seems to me that we are having the repeat of Krystalnacht right now with the ‘slims throwing rocks, burning flags and poppies and generally acting like the sacks of shit we know and love XX

          Hmm. Not really. But it is reminicent of the Wismar Republik, where such rioting was used as the excuse for Hitler to grab power, which THEN lead to Krystalnacht.

          A small aside, Did you know, it is now seen as virtually an offence, to call it “Krystalnacht”?

          “P.C” says we should call it “Reichsprogrammenacht”. Aye, Like I bloody care;


          (Or should that read “Jehova” x 3? :-))) )

          • Thanks for the info about the German law on this area.

            • XX farenheit211

              Thanks for the info about the German law on this area. XX

              I like to do my best. 🙂

              Thing with German law, and history, it DOES reflect in Britain. When they say we are cousins, the really are closer to the truth than they know.

              I have studied law in both countries, both for my job, and as a hobby. And the similarities are startling.

              I am also a great believer in the theory, “he who knows his history, and the history of others, can do his best not to repeat the mistakes of the past.”

              And BOY did Germany make a “mistake”, if you can describe 33-45 in such a…. na, “light hearted” manner.

              I DO still have an attachment to the U.K. And I would HATE to see you all make the same mistakes WE did.

              • It is often forgotten just how close the UK and Germany was in the past. I myself am partially of German stock from people who emigrated to the UK in the 19th Century. I’m not a German speaker but I’m often surprised just how much I can pick up from listening to German speakers such is the similarity between German and English especially with certain words.

              • You seem like me. I also believe that history is vitally important.

  2. Robert the Biker | September 28, 2012 at 11:27 am |

    But how many of these ‘ordinary harmless muslims’turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the nutters? How many would be perfectly happy to see the dominance of islam as their own power and influence would increase?
    I want them ALL gone; the safe number of muslims is the same number as the safe number of rabid dogs – 0.

  3. Throw the dictatorships “reasoningg” back at them. They don’t like that.

  4. XX farenheit211 permalink

    You seem like me. I also believe that history is vitally important.XX

    Na. It was my degree subject….TWICE. So….

    Are you on “Facefuck”, by any chance?

    I have a “page” there about what I do here “history wise”. Same name as here.

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