Feminist Phyllis Chesler on Islamic ‘honour’ killings


The contents of the report by the excellent feminist professor Phyllis Chesler speak for themselves but here is the biog of the author in case you haven’t come across her before.

Phyllis Chesler is emerita professor of psychology and women’s studies at the Richmond College of the City University of New York and co-founder of the Association for Women in Psychology and the National Women’s Health Network. The author wishes to thank Jonathan Francis Carmona, graduate student at Hunter College, CUNY, for the statistical tests for this study, and Prof. Howard Lune, director of the Graduate Social Research Program at Hunter College.


4 Comments on "Feminist Phyllis Chesler on Islamic ‘honour’ killings"

  1. Why do people, even learned professors, describe these murders as ‘honour killings’? They are nothing of the sort. There is no honour in deliberately taking the life of another person, usually, a woman, possibly a child and probably a member of their own family. The mediaeval tribal mind of these perpertrators belive that they are saving their families honour by carrying out these murders, but in fact, to any civilised person, they are showing their dishonour. I know my comments won’t change much, but it really does annoy me, though not as much as the poor victims!

    • Yes it bothers me as well but is there a better term to describe the warped sense of honour that causes these savages to murder their children?

      I agree with you on your point but have you a suggestion for an alternative descriptive phrase.

      I agree that the people who do such things are uncivilised.

  2. Good article, thanks for posting it. The site looks worthy of regular visits too

    • Thank you very much. It is nice to have comments such as yours.

      With regards Phyllis Chesler she is one of the feminist writers and activists who I really admire as like Tammy Bruce the conservative feminist she has strong feminist credentials but doesn’t seem to have hitched her wagon to the horse of the extreme left.

      The position of women in Islamic environments should in my mind be considered a world scandal.

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