Bearded Savages of the Day number 13

The religion of exploding to pieces has been at it again. Deftly showing just how tolerant Islam is of other religions and ways of life a mob of 25,000 Islamic nutjobs trashed Buddhist temples in an orgy of violence allegedly triggered by a Facebook picture that offended those who follow a 7th century nonce the Prophet Mohammed.

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A 25,000-strong mob set fire to at least five temples and dozens of homes throughout the town and surrounding villages after seeing the picture, which they claimed was posted by Uttam Barua, a local Buddhist man, AFP reported.

The group chanted “God is Great” while setting fire to the centuries-old temples.

I have seen 11 wooden temples, two of them 300 years old, torched by the mob. They looted precious items and Buddha statues from the temples. Shops owned by Buddhists were also looted,” local journalist Sunil Barua said.

Security forces were deployed to contain the uprising: At least 100 houses were damaged. We called in army and border guards to quell the violence,” district administrator Joinul Bari said.

No casualties were reported, and authorities did not confirm whether police arrested any of the rioters.

Buddhist monks protested against the attacks on Sunday, forming a human chain in the country’s capital of Dhaka.

Bangladeshi Home Minister Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir said the attacks were preplanned, and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The attack was conducted in a coordinated manner. Temples and houses were set on fire using patrol and gun powder. It would have been impossible if the attacks were not planned,” he told Bangladesh’s Bdnews24.

The government will provide financial assistance for reconstruction of the damaged houses and temple, Alamgir said.

Before launching their attacks, Muslims publicly rallied against the picture and called for Barua’s arrest. However, several Facebook users said that Barua did not post the photo, and that he was linked to the photo after group called ‘Insult Allah’ tagged his name on the image.

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All over the world we see Bearded Savages acting, well as savages, but still the UK political Left and the political establishment fawn over Islam and keep pushing the outright lie that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Islam. Well there is something to worry about, just as there was something to worry about 80 odd years ago when a certain uni-testicled Austrian corporal started gobbing off.

Back in the 1930’s we called such violent political movements that were intolerant of difference, trashed places of worship and burned people out of their homes and attacked minorities by its proper name – fascism.

Lets grow some balls and stop referring to Islam as a religion and start referring to it as the violent fascistic cancerous death cult that it is.


If the Islamofash want something to whine about here is a good joke.

Question: Why shouldn’t you put a Koran down the toilet?

Answer: Because it is so full of shit that it will never go down with just one flush.