Obiturary — Eric Hobsbawn

Breaking News Eric Hobsbawn dies

One of the 20th centuries most enduring communist figures has died.

Eric Hobsbawn’s body died at the age of 95, his brain however died 81 years previously when he joined the Communist Party.

You hung on to your communism to the last.  Stalin would have been proud of you.

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  1. Why is it that European marxist intellectuals in the 30s all moved the Britain and not Russia when the Nazi`s rose to power?
    Maybe they didnt want to deprive a comrade of the dignity of doing 12 hours shifts in the tractor factory and then going home to a miserable little flat that smells of boiled cabbage.

    I suspect thats why Peter Hain is still in this country even though those beastly whites are not running South Africa anymore
    Doesnt he want to go home and enjoy the vibrant African culture?

    • I think with Hain there is more opportunity for advancement as a socialist shit in the UK labour party than elsewhere.

      It’s a bloody shame that after Mandela the ANC ended up being run by conspiracy theorists and loons. Who knows how many people in SA died due to the previous leader Thabo Mbeki’s stance that AIDS was unrelated to HIV.

  2. Now that the whites are mostly dead,fled or dispossessed, South Africa is simply reverting back to its natural level of African-ness.

    • A quick bit of explanation, this site is NOT a racist site and nor is it a site that approves of apartheid. I was an opponent of apartheid both on moral grounds and the fact that if you oppress the majority of your people as happened in apartheid SA then you are losing their talents and the country as a whole suffers from this talent not used.

      The problems in SA are down to the dodgy corrupt socialist politics of the African National Congress, not down to the fact that the govt is led by Africans. There is also a large amount of Islamist infiltration and activity in SA which is an ongoing cause of disturbance.

      Couple this with the fact that the ANC let the crime rate get out of control and you have a recipe for disaster. The problems faced by post-aparthied SA are down to politicians being useless and corrupt which they can be in any country and is not down to the race of the politicians.

      Corruption and the growing Islamist influence are big issue in SA as in Nigeria. Nigeria and SA could be economic powerhouses in Africa if they could deal with their violent Islamists and their endemic corruption.

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