Bearded Savage of the Day, Number 19

Back to Pakistan (surprise, surprise) for our next unappealing serving of Bearded Savagery. Our sorry tale of Islamic ‘morality’ sees two underage girls married off by a Tribal Council in order to settle a family feud (these bearded savages do really seem to go big on family feuds).

The Oman Tribune reports from Islamabad that

A jirga or tribal assembly has married off two minor girls under a local custom to settle a dispute between two families, sparking protests in the country, a media report said.

A large number of people launched a protest against the decision of the jirga in Sukkur city of Sindh province, DawnNews reported.

A local wadera or chieftain, Peeral Chachar, presided over the jirga and gave away the girls as “wani” to settle a matrimonial dispute.

Even though the children’s relatives were against the matrimonial arrangement the bearded savage tribal court said the marriage would still go ahead.

The Oman Tribune added:

“Shah Mohammad Chachar, married Hayatan, both residents of Gaji Chachar village of Pano Akil region, against the will of their parents a few months back.

The marriage caused a dispute among the two families, and the girl’s family called for the jirga.

The chieftain imposed a fine of Rs400,000 and ordered the handing over of a 10-year-old girl, Allah Diwai, and six-year-old Sassui, daughters of Allah Dino Chachar.

Both the girls are nieces of Shah Mohammad and were ordered to marry brothers of Hayatan.

The chieftain “forcibly” solemnised the nikah or wedding of Allah Diwai with 10-year-old Shaman, a brother of Hayatan, the report said.

The girl is required to leave her parents’ home after four years, when she turns 14.

The chieftain also declared that the nikah of Sassui would take place when she attains the age of 10. However, the father of the two girls protested against the verdict, and said he was ready to pay a fine as penalty, but would never give away his daughters.

Relatives of the girls’ family on Saturday gathered outside the local press club and protested against the exchange of the minor girls.

They called upon the police to provide them protection and cancel the verdict. The report said holding of a jirga and exchanging women and marriage of minor girls are illegal under the law, but the authorities have failed to control such acts. “

What a wonderful example of Islamic morality in action. A complete dismissal of the human rights of women and girls and the rights of the parents, a judgement tempered only by the fact that one of the girls can stay with her parents until she is 14.

Even though these sort of activities are allegedly illegal under Pakistani law the police do not seem to be doing much to stop it. Hmm! Police not doing anything about Islamic pedophilia, now where have I heard that before?



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  1. I`m disgusted but not surprised by this,they really are backward savages.
    islam has no place in the civillised world

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