Bearded Savages of the Day number 21

Unlike the police officers described elsewhere on this site, who do nothing when confronted with bearded savages who fly the flags of banned terrorist organisations(i), or who fail to deal with Islamic child sex abuse (ii) or promote the building of mosques (iii), the Tanzanian Police do at least seem to be nicking their murderous bearded savages when they rampage.

The BBC reports that after five attacks on churches by bearded savages 126 arrests have been made.

The BBC says:

“Police in Tanzania have arrested 126 people after last week’s attacks on churches in the main city, Dar es Salaam, a police commander has said.

Angry Muslims vandalised and torched five churches after a Christian boy reportedly urinated on a Koran.

President Jakaya Kikwete said the violence was unacceptable, even if the incident angered Muslims.

Tanzania’s long history of religious tolerance should not be threatened, he said.

The BBC’s Aboubakar Famau in Dar es Salaam says a discussion between the 14-year-old Christian boy and his Muslim friend apparently got out of hand, leading to the attacks on Friday.”

So we have some teenage rubbish going on which lights the fuses of the local bearded savages who then kick off.

The BBC added:

“The Christian boy was reportedly told by his Muslim friend that he would turn into a snake if he urinated on a Koran, our correspondent says.

The Christian boy then asked for a Koran and, according to reports, urinated on it to test his friend’s claim, our correspondent adds.

A Dar es Salaam police commander, Suleiman Kova, told the BBC that 126 people had been arrested over the subsequent attacks.

“We are making every effort to arrest everyone responsible… We want justice to prevail,” he said.

Muslim cleric Sheikh Alhadi Musa, who is the chairman of the local Interfaith Committee, condemned the attack on the churches.

He said the Koran had been defiled by one person and it was wrong to assume that it was the stand of all Christians”

So what if the Christians want to defile a Koran. So what if the Islamoloons want to trash a bible. Note well that the report doesn’t speak of the Christians rioting in revenge, it seems that hair trigger offence taking followed by attacks on ‘the other’ are becoming more and more a bearded savage trait. The Tanzanian President has called for the Christians not to engage in retaliatory attacks, but I suspect as with elsewhere the main violence drivers are not the Christians but the proportion of the Tanzanian population who subscribe to the doctrine of bearded savagery.


This doesn’t appear to be the only attacks by bearded savages on Christians in Tanzania.

(i)      JDL report on flying of Hezbollah flag in London. (Note although I link to this site occasionally it doesn’t mean that I support the organisation concerned)

(ii) Blind eye turned to Rochdale Islamic nonces

(iii)    Police officer who promotes the building of mosques