Bearded Savage of the day. Number 22

A long haul flight across the Indian Ocean from our last Bearded Savage stop in Tanzania takes us to Australia.

A young woman from Adelaide fell in love with a Bearded Savage called Mohammed Tasleem Tahir . They were together for a while but they split up and the lady went to live in Australia’s Gold Coast. Not really an unusual occurrence for a relationship being terminated because one partner wants to move. However this appeared to offend today’s example of the lesser bearded savage.

Seemingly pissed off, affronted and offended that his two-legged female ‘property’ had gone, Tahir followed his 20 year-old Ex-girlfriend to her new town. When he got there he attacked her in her flat, beat her up and cut off her tongue.

Channel 7 News in Australia said:

A man has been sentenced to eight-and-a-half years’ jail for severing a woman’s tongue.

Mohammed Tasleem Tahir was in a relationship with Catherine Skinner in Adelaide, and when she moved to the Gold Coast, he followed her.

The Southport District Court heard in November 2010, the then 21-year-old attacked Ms Skinner in her apartment.

The Crown prosecutor told the court Tahir smashed an empty bottle over the 20-year-old’s head several times, fracturing her eye socket.

Tahir then dragged a knife across her face, cutting her mouth and severing her tongue, the court heard.

Judge Katherine McGinness sentenced Tahir to eight-and-a-half years’ jail.

She ordered he be eligible for parole after serving a third of his sentence.

A woman in the public gallery gasped when the judge explained that, due to time already served, Tahir could be released in September next year

Sadly due to the soft justice system in Australia and time already served on remand this bearded savage scroat will be back on the streets in the middle of next year despite being sentenced to eight-and-a-half years.

So if any of my female single Australian readers are looking for dates, then today’s Bearded Savage, Mohammed Tahir, is definitely one man to avoid if you ever come across him in a bar or nightclub.  Unless you like being thought of as a man’s ‘property’ of course but I really don’t recommend it.  


Channel 7 News via Yahoo.