Support Free Speech – Ridicule that which ought to be ridiculed

In order to protect freedom of speech from being shut down by extremist Islam and their fellow travelers on the political Left, we have to keep mocking Islam. We must be as merciless in mocking Islam as we are when we mock our churchmen, politicians or celebrities. Jokes are made about all sorts of things so why not a completely mentalist philosophy such as Islam?

Badly timed and advised sick jokes such as this blog commented on recently, should not lead to prosecution and neither should laughing at religion or politics be considered an offence.

We have laughed before at those who have threatened us. We have laughed at fascism, we have laughed at communism so why not laugh at Islam? The Islamofascists can’t behead all of us if we all call Mohammed a Wanker and Islam, fascistic bollocks. Keep laughing at things like the Koranic toilet paper ad below that I found on the web (see note at bottom of page)

Islamofascists hate our freedoms but they hate our laughter more. Laugh at them and they will diminish. Laugh at the ideology of Islam and also help those who wish to leave Islam, to strike out for freedom. Laughter and offering a better alternative to Islam is the way to kill the Islamist monster.

A quick joke:

Question: What is the difference between the prophet Mohammed and Jimmy Savile?

Answer: Not a lot, they are both dead nonces.

I will NOT submit. NFSE

The images

This is what is probably inside the Ka’bah in Mecca.

And a couple of ace Koran as toilet paper ones


What happens when Shariah comes to the land of the Smurfs.

Oh and don’t forget the I can’t handle this civilisation thing LOL


These images are taken from the website of Porky the Crusader an anti islamist blogger residing I believe in the USA. However, I don’t directly link to him as he is a little on the extreme side for my liking (he crosses the line for me into hatred of individual Muslims which I cannot condone, as it’s the ideology of Islam that needs to be attacked not individuals who just happen to be Muslim). For the same reasons I do not link to the BNP nor any of their front groups.

Despite the note of extreme caution, he does have a nice line in funny and very provocative Islamo-comedic images (some even more gross than the ones above) but that doesn’t mean I agree with the politics there.

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  1. MoreHammered | February 11, 2014 at 2:19 am |

    That woman wiping her ass with the Koran was so hot I had to crack one off to that.

  2. Tony Ray Long | November 17, 2014 at 2:05 am |

    Thank you! WE need to stop the third jihad together! Thank you for your help!

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