The shamelessness and arrogance of the Labour politician – Rotherham abuse case children’s supremo wants to be South Yorkshire’s police commissioner.

Exhibiting a shamelessness and arrogance that is breathtaking, the former Rotherham Metropolitan Borough council cabinet member in charge of children’s servcies in that area, Shaun Wright, and on whose watch the appalling cases of Islamic sexual abuse occurred, is looking for a new job. He wants to be…wait for it….the new Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

Can you think of a more unsuitable person apart from Jimmy Savile, or Gary Glitter for this job?

Shaun Wright was not only the Cabinet member for Children’s Services but also, according to this weeks Private Eye, worked closely with Joyce Thacker, who was the council’s Director of Children’s Services from 2008. It is inconcievable both to myself and to the Eye that both Wright and Thacker should have been ‘well aware’ of what was going on.

Private Eye in its Rotten Boroughs column said:

“The nation was shocked last month by revelations about the way largly Asian gangs had sexually exploited hundreds of young girls for sex in Rotherham.

With elections due for South Yorkshire’s first police and crime commissioner, one candidate’s pledge to put an end to that sort of thing should have been very welcome. The man boasting that he’d clean out the cesspit was Shaun Wright, a Labour member of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

Leaked reports dated 2010, from the Police Intelligence Bureau and Rotherham’s Safeguarding Children Board, revealed that the exploitation had been going on for at least a decade – and was known to both the police and the council – yet had attracted few prosecutions.

From 2005 to 2010 Cllr Wright was Rotherham council’s cabinet member for children and young people’s services – a position that should have ensured that he was aware of what his department ws dealing with. He worked closely with Joyce Thacker, who became Director of Children’s Services in 2008 and should also have been well aware of what was going on. Has she only just found out what her staff have known for a long time? One of her reactions to the recent publication of the confidential reports was to suggest the council would be asking for police to investigate and track down…whoever leaked the documents.

Cllr Wright should have been doubly aware, for in 2010 he was appointed to South Yorkshire Police Authority, where he became vice-chair and has only now stood down to fight for the police commissioners job.

Wright boasted to the Sheffield Star: “You can rest assured of my unfailing commitment to meet this challenge head-on. I will ensure greater priority is given to the prevention of heinous crimes against our children and thus help to safguard our children from the evil cowards who carry out these awful crimes.’ A bit late now, innit?”

This man shouldn’t be a police commissioner, with his record I wouldn’t trust him to run a whelk stall.

People of South Yorkshire, when you vote in the elections for police commissioner, vote for anyone but Shaun Wright.

Although not a nonce himself, he did however preside over a local regime in Rotherham that appeared to turn a blind eye to Islamic nonces for various reasons including the spurious ‘cultural cohesion’ issue (or in plain language, don’t upset the bearded savages).

Would you trust a man who made such a massive error of judgement to be in charge of your safety or your children’s safety.

I’m just completely gobsmacked that someone could screw up their job so badly and expect to be rewarded with a better one. Voters, don’t let Shaun Wright. be rewarded for failure, kick him out on 15th November 2012.


UPDATE:  Sadly this scumbag Wright won the South Yorkshire PCC election, on a turnout of 14.53% of the electorate.  I wonder how many of those 14.53% of the electorate were made up of Islamic multiple postal votes?  The low turnout helped to elect Wright and in future if you don’t want scum in power then voters will have to get out and vote scum out.  Apathy is not an option.