Extra reading / resources for those contemplating leaving Islam. Part I of III

As I promised in earlier posts, I will try to bring here resources for those who wish to leave Islam. It doesn’t matter if you were born Muslim or converted to Islam, all deserve freedom from the oppression of Islam.

There is more to come, including special information of interest to Islamic women who want to get out of Islam, but here in the meantime are some things that I’ve found that you may well be interested in reading.

Firstly this article from the ex Muslims at Islamwatch by a Indonesian who left Islam and comments on why so many also wish to leave it if they could.


Quote “it is EASIER to convince Muslims in Muslim countries than non-Muslims in non-Muslims countries that Islam has failed miserably on its promises throughout its existence.”

Islam is strong on myths and weak on proof, if one only has the eyes to see it.”

Here’s a good comment from a poster at the Council of Ex-Muslims site on the experiences of those who leave Islam



IMO Islam fails to answer the important and proverbial questions. Humans have grown in intelligence and maturity that they feel they no longer can worship an entity which they in fact should be baby-sitting.

And this one in fact from someone who almost converted to Islam


When the death and shame taboos, and the tribal neurosis of Islam are challenged, eroded, or broken through, Islam falls down like a house of cards in a hurricane.

It will happen more and more in the West, despite the efforts of reactionary ummah identity politics to entrench the worst of Islam in societies like Britain, because of the ocean of individual conscience and secularism is too great. And if and when more and more ex-Muslims find a voice, and the mainstream media and mainstream society supports those voices, it will happen more and more and more. “

You too can be free of Islam if you choose, others have done it and lived to tell the tale.

The number of people leaving Islam in Indonesia for example is worrying the Islamic religious establishment. As usual with Islamic orthodoxy, the commentators on this thread are blaming everything they can find (Christians etc), without being able to see that the reason people are leaving Islam is Islam itself It is those who know about Islam through growing up in Islamic countries who see how because of Islam their societies have atrophied and their governments have failed to deliver.

See this article from the orthodox Islamic site ummah.com decrying those leaving Islam.


Don’t forget people are leaving Islam in Islamic countries like Indonesia are at risk from lunatics who want to kill apostates. See http://www.ummah.com/forum/showthread.php?107045-Leaving-islam

See this chilling quote from a poster on ummah.com

Few Muslims will give a straight and honest answer to this. But I’ll give it you. Yes! The punishment for leaving Islam is DEATH. Plain and simple. Most Muslims squirm at the thought of this and try to divert the issue with… well only under an Islamic State… or talk about treason blah blah blah…”

When you see what the Islamic fascists want to do to apostates, it makes you realise just how heroic these apostates from Islam are. Good luck to them and if you can help an apostate from Islam get to freedom, then do so.

If you have any form of reasonable responsible Theist belief or are even just an ordinary decent person, then you will probably not countenance the idea of slavery, and your instinct would be to want to free the slave. Help free those who are enslaved to Islam.  

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  1. Robert the Biker | October 22, 2012 at 11:32 am |

    There’s a ‘slim at work who was boasting as how he had the whole koran on a disc. Thinking that might be handy, I asked him to burn me a copy.
    That’s when it all kicked off! : )

    • LOL ! Nice one. Have you seen the youtube vid of someone burning 40,000 Korans on a hard drive as a protest for free speech and to state that ‘no dogma should be beyond challenge’.

      Seriously though, the ordinary Islamic bod properly studying the Koran and learning the story of Mo is often the first kick that gets born muslims to think about leaving Islam. Islam is more fragile than most faiths when subjected to criticism, which is why it subjects its dissidents to violence.

  2. Plain and simple. Most Muslims squirm at the thought of this and try to divert the issue with…

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