Bearded Savages of the Day number 25

In deference to the poster from Islamic Awakening who moaned that I cannot see the ‘diversity’ in Islam, or their website, I decided that today I would show the diverse places where the bearded savagery of Islam makes life worse for people.

Our first stop takes as again, sadly to Nigeria where a report has come in about Christians having to flee their homes in Northern Nigeria because of attacks from Islamic fighters Bearded Savages.

The Hungarian based Christian news agency BosNewsLife said:

At least hundreds of residents began fleeing northeastern Nigeria Sunday, October 21, after three days of Islamic attacks against churches and other targets left dozens dead.

Among the churches hit by suspected fighters of the militant Boko Haram group since Thursday, October 18, was an evangelical congregation in Nigeria’s troubled Borno State.

Reporters said gunmen attacked the building of the Church of Brethren in Nigeria in Atagara village in the Gwoza area, killing at least two people.

The entire church was reportedly set ablaze as part of a wider Islamic campaign in the state that also included the killing of a Chinese engineer and three colleagues. “

This unfortunately was not an isolated incident caused by some ‘misunderstander of Islam’

BosNewsLife continued:

At least one church was also torched by militants in the northeastern city of Potiskum, where at least 31 people died in the last three days, including one or more policemen, according to refugees and reporters.

Most churches were closed in Potiskum on Sunday, October 21, as worshipers stayed away amid fears of more anti-Christian violence, residents said.

“Christian residents stayed home for safety reasons,” French news agency AFP quoted resident Bukar Kolo as saying. “A church was also burnt in the attacks and people are afraid to go for [a] Sunday church service for fear of [a] possible attack,” he said.

It was not immediately clear how many Christians were among the dead and injured in Potiskum, but witnesses said that besides the church many other properties were destroyed. “

This is not the first attack carried out by Bearded Savages in Nigeria as any brief web-search will tell you.

BosNewsLife added:

Boko Haram, which means ‘Western Education is a Sin’, has been fighting for an Islamic state in especially central and northern Nigeria, where the group has demanded that Christians leave the area. “

I see the Islamic doctrine of ‘there will be no compulsion in religion’ is working out well for the Nigerian Christians, or not. Mind you wasn’t Qu’ranic reference  2:256, “There shall be no Compulsion in Religion” abrogated and that the commandment is now (9:73: “O Prophet! Struggle against the unbelievers (Jews & Christians) and hypocrites (Jews & Christians) and be harsh with them”).

That’s on of the problems with the utterances of Mohammed the ‘prophet’, there was always a new conveniently timed ‘revelation’ to suit the situation that he was in. That sounds a bit suspect to me.

The plight of the Nigerian Christians is stoking up anger in the region and one commentator on the BosNewsLife site said of Boko Haram:

Treat them like they act: as rabid dogs. These are the terms of the war they demand to wage against civilization. Give them what they say they want: massive casualties and zero prisoners. Grant them no hodna. Send them, early and often, to their delusional paradise. Rid the earth of them.

Postpone forgivening them until after they are dead.”

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Our second bit of bearded savage diversity comes from Asia and is one of those ‘WTF have these savages been smoking’ stories.

Can you imagine a society where a game using both religious and non religious role models as part of an educational game ends up with people being arrested for blasphemy? It sounds like some sort of madhouse, well I’m afraid it exists and it’s called Pakistan.

The Pakistan Express and Tribune said from Lahore:

Additional District and Sessions Judge Javedul Hassan Chishti has cancelled the pre-arrest bails of a school principal and six other employees, who are accused of blasphemy for including the principal in a list of role models alongside the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

The respondents attended proceedings on a private complaint on Monday morning and were summoned by the judge for 3pm to hear his verdict. However, they did not turn up for the announcement.

Qurban Ali, the principal of Qurban and Surayya Educational Trust, and other school officials are alleged to have committed blasphemy in a school book that they made titled Qurban Agahi.

The book included a chapter on role models and a set of four questions and answers about what makes a good hero and some good examples. Six “heroes for our society” were listed as: 1) Holy Prophet (pbuh); 2) Quaid-i-Azam; 3) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan; 4) Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah; 5) Abdul Sattar Edhi; and 6) ‘Sir Qurban’, the principal of the school.

Advocate Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry, the counsel for the complainant and the president of the Khatme Nabuwwat Lawyers Forum, submitted that the school officials had blasphemed. He said that tests were given to students asking who their favourite role model was, and many wrote the principal’s name. He said that the principal had tried to compare himself to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He said that Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri had issued a decree (fatwa) declaring them to have committed blasphemy.

It seems these arrested people were quite lucky the Express said:

The respondents said that they were innocent. They said that the police had investigated the allegations and, finding them to be untrue, discharged the complaint for the FIR, which was registered in September 2009. They said that they had not intended to offend with the books. They said that ulema of Jamia Naeemia had issued a decree stating that they had apologised and had not intended to commit blasphemy. The ulema had said that there was room in Islam to forgive those who committed an act unintentionally. “

Sadly what may have tipped the balance in their favour is that the defendants complied with an order to expel Christian and Ahmadi teachers from the school.

The source added:

Astonishingly, they also told the court that the ulema had asked them to expel all Christian and Ahmedi teachers from their school and that they had done so. They asked the court to grant them bail.

It’s astonishing that kicking out teachers of a minority religion can be used as mitigation in a court. It’s like something from the dark days of the 1930’s.

Pakistan, yet another nation ruined by the bearded savagery of Islam.

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  1. Robert the Biker | October 24, 2012 at 8:37 am |

    ““Treat them like they act: as rabid dogs. These are the terms of the war they demand to wage against civilization. Give them what they say they want: massive casualties and zero prisoners. Grant them no hodna. Send them, early and often, to their delusional paradise. Rid the earth of them.

    Postpone forgivening them until after they are dead.”

    Any chance of this bloke coming over here? Hr’d make a wonderful Prime Minister.

    • It is a sign of how bad things are getting in Nigeria that the Christian news site I sourced the story from which like many such sites go out of their way not to stir violence, let this comment stand although with a warning.

      Negotiation will not work with Boko Haram as they have no interest in compromise only in conquest. This is one group for which the only solution is a military solution.

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