Bearded Savages of the Day number 26

We’ve heard of the War on Terror, The War on Drugs and similar phrases, but it took the Bearded Savages who are terrorising the African state of Mali, to bring the world….The War on Music.

Mali is a country known for its music. Its music styles have travelled the world and it is said that “Music regulates the life of every Malian.”

The Guardian newspaper in the UK filed this report on its website. The paper said:

The pickup halted in Kidal, the far-flung Malian desert town that is home to members of the Grammy award-winning band Tinariwen. Seven AK47-toting militiamen got out and marched to the family home of a local musician. He wasn’t home, but the message delivered to his sister was chilling: “If you speak to him, tell him that if he ever shows his face in this town again, we’ll cut off all the fingers he uses to play his guitar with.”

The gang then removed guitars, amplifiers, speakers, microphones and a drum kit from the house, doused them with petrol, and set them ablaze. In northern Mali, religious war has been declared on music.”

Can you imagine the sort of mentalist authoritarian tosser who makes war on music and musicians, well I can and he (it’s normally a he) often has a beard, follows a deranged 7th Century paedophile and is the sort of cretin whom the world would be better off without.

Not even Stalin tried to declare war on music, but the bearded savages do.

The newspaper continued:

When a rabble of different Islamist groups took control of the region in April there were fears that its rich culture would suffer. But no one imagined that music would almost cease to exist – not in Mali, a country that has become internationally renowned for its sound.”

…..”And yet that is the bland reality dawning on this once joy-filled land. International observers claim the leaders of the three armed Islamic groups who now control the northern Malian cities of Timbuktu, Kidal and Gao are motivated by money and power rather the dream of a caliphate in the Sahel. There are strong ties between these groups and the less than holy interests of major drug-traffickers and arms smugglers.

But many of the mujahideen who have zoned in on the conflict from all over the Muslim world are fired by an unquestionable religious zeal. The same goes for Iyad Ag Ghaly, a Touareg strongman and born-again Salafist, who founded the Ansar-ud-Deen movement at the end of last year.”

Oh look it’s that combination again, organised crime and bearded savagery. It appears that this conflict has attracted bearded savages from elsewhere like flies to the rotting corpse of a camel.

The Guardian story also sheds light on the chilling effects of bearded savagery:

An official decree banning all western music was issued on 22 August by a heavily bearded Islamist spokesman in the city of Gao. “We don’t want the music of Satan. Qur’anic verses must take its place. Sharia demands it,” the decree says.

The ban comes in the context of a horrifically literal and gratuitous application of Sharia law in all aspects of daily life. Militiamen are cutting off the hands and feet of thieves or stoning adulterers. Smokers, alcohol drinkers and women who are not properly attired are being publicly whipped. As one well-known Touareg musician from Kidal says: “There’s a lack of joy. No one is dancing. There are no parties. Everybody’s under this kind of spell. It’s strange.” “

So there it is again, that fear and lack of joy which is the normal hallmark of countries and regions ruled by the bearded savagery of Islam. After all I believe Ayatollah Khomeni said ‘there is no fun in Islam’ and I can well believe it. As if the Malians didn’t have enough to deal with, what with being one of the poorest countries in the world, now the poor sods have to put up with an epidemic of Bearded Savages.



PS: For once the comments on the Guardian site were not either a) heavily moderated, b) full of Islam fellating lefties or c) and for once is containing some sensible content.