At the polling station? If you are thinking about voting for Ed’s party.

……..Then remember

If you vote for him


It is highly likely that you will get more of these


Although the blame for the growing problem of aggressive Islam in the UK (and its negative manifestations such as the Rochdale Nonce Gang pictured above) is not to be laid only at the feet of the Labour Party, the Tories of the 1990’s share some of the blame for the creation of ‘Londonistan’, Labour’s contribution to the growth of aggressive Islam in the 21st century UK must never be forgotten.

For it was under Labour that Islamic nonce gangs were hushed up, free speech attacked, damaging levels of immigration allowed, the police and civil service politicised and corrupted and our economy decimated.  With a record like that, what’s not to like?

It was Labour that pandered to Islam and allowed Islamic radicals into places like the Home Office, local authorities and the voluntary sector.  It was Labour that appeased Islam in order to stop it’s violent outbursts.  Maybe Labour needs a new more realistic slogan for campaigning.  If it was truth they were after it would have to be:

“Vote Ed get more Islamic grooming gangs, more division and more debt.”

Still feel that the Labour Party can be trusted with anything? I wouldn’t trust the Labour Party to sit the right way round on a toilet.  Would you let back the same party that has trashed so much of this nation?  I certainly wouldn’t.



It appears that socialism’s golden couple are not only intent on dumping cack on the UK.   Ed Milliband’s  lawyer wife Justine, is acting for those accused of dumping 158 tonnes of dangerous post consumer electronic waste on Nigeria.

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