Bearded Savages of the Day number 32

No prizes for guessing where today’s steaming turd of bearded savagery comes from. Yes it’s that bastion of humanity, Pakistan. Pakistan is such a rich seam for bearded savage stories that I’m thinking of running a special feature, I might call it ‘Now that’s Why Pakistan is a Shithole’, just for the bearded savage stories that are excreted from Pakistan.

For this episode of Islamic bearded savagery, we peer into the world of compensation claims in Pakistan. Now in the UK or in any of the civilised nations, we might go to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board if we or a loved one was the victim of a serious crime. Not so in Pakistan, a nation which if not the anus of the Islamic world, is at least resident somewhere in its lower intestine, in Pakistan children are the currency that is offered in courts.

The Pakistan Tribune quoting an Agencie France Presse story said:

LAHORE: Police in Pakistan have arrested five men after a village council ordered a father to hand over his nine-year-old daughter as compensation in a rape case, officers said Friday.

A group of elders in the remote rural area of Bahalak in Punjab province made the ruling to settle a year-long dispute between a farm worker and an influential local landowner, local police station chief Mohammad Khalid told AFP.

The worker, Arshad, who goes by one name, was accused of involvement in the abduction and rape of landowner Ali Sher’s daughter, Khalid said.

The jury on Sunday decreed that Arshad would marry (off) his daughter Sidra to Ali Sher’s 22-year old son Maqsood,” he explained.

Arshad agreed verbally but Sidra, who is too young, remains with her family,” he said.

The marriage was not formally solemnised but the village council made Arshad agree to pay Sher Rs40,000 – a vast sum for a farm labourer in Pakistan – if he did not honour the ruling.”


Now all this happens despite such tribal court actions and rulings being illegal in Pakistan.


The Tribune added:

Khalid said Arshad and four council members had been arrested.

The practice of “vani”, giving daughters as compensation to end vendettas, is illegal and punishable by up to seven years in jail.”

Personally, seeing how Pakistan runs itself I can’t see these people doing any jail time whatsoever, after all the Pakistani justice system isn’t the least corrupt in the world is it?

The root of these problems are as the Tribune says the Islamically conservative views of Pakistani citizens:

Pakistan is a deeply conservative country and women, especially in poor rural areas, enjoy few rights and little protection from the police.

Last week a couple in Pakistan-administered Kashmir killed their 15-year-old daughter by dousing her with acid for supposedly shaming the family by looking at two boys. “


To be fair on the some of the average men or women on the Islamabad omnibus a few of the presumably Pakistani comments deplore the practices of these tribal courts. One commenter put it well when they said:


Background: Alice Bhatti lives in a Christian slum and is a Christian nurse in a Muslim hospital in Karachi, Pakistan

Mohammed Hanif “In our Lady of Alice Bhatti’ doubleday Canada $22.95, Hanif writes.. ”there was not a single day-not a single day-when she didn’t see a women shot or hacked, strangled or suffocated, poisoned or burnt, hanged or burnt alive. Suspicious husband, brother protecting his honor, father protecting his honor, son protecting his honor, jilted lover avenging his honor, feuding farmer selling their water disputes, moneylenders collecting their interest: most of lives’ arguments, it seemed, got settled by doing various things to a women’s body” “


So there we have it, another day in the Islamic paradise of Pakistan. Knowing a little bit of the history of India and Pakistan I sometimes wonder whether Jinnah would have been proud of the country that he fought so hard to bring about? A country whose birth pangs caused the deaths of 500,000 people and which involved the displacement of another 12.5 million people.


Maybe it was the presence of Islam as a guiding part of Pakistani society which has caused Pakistan to be a failed state almost from its creation. It certainly looks that way.




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  1. Pakistan does without doubt produce the real filth of Islam. Im convinced that they must do some kind of experiment on the newborn babys there, where they see how far they bounce when dropped head first onto a hard surface.This resulting in their brains functioning in a different way to normal peoples because their definetly on wave length. What they see as normal, we see as brain dead.

    • I don’t think that there is a single Islamic nation which fully lives up to the word ‘civilised’, but there are some nations like Pakistan which are failed states though they have functioning governments.

      Pakistan is a failure because of Islam.

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