We should no longer tolerate our troops being abused by extremists nor the police protecting the abusers

On this Remembrance Sunday when we remember those who fell in defence of the UK, and when we pay respect to current and former service personnel of HM Forces, it should be realised that not everyone respects our armed forces. Certainly not groups like the various and far too numerous Islamic salafist or salafist leaning groups that we have unfortunately allowed to settle and establish themselves in the UK. They don’t just dislike our armed forces, they’d quite happily kill them.

In 2010, the Royal Anglian Regiment were given the freedom of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. To celebrate this and their homecoming from fighting Bearded Savages in Afghanistan a parade was held in Barking* which was protested by an Islamic group.

Watch the film, get angry and hold those who’ve allowed this disgusting situation to develop, to account.


This is not the behaviour of an immigrant group who wish to integrate, get on and become British, this is not the behaviour of those who should seek the peace of the city that took them in, this screaming of abuse isn’t the behaviour of those who should be grateful for the help they get. This is the behaviour of a fifth column, bent on destroying all that has taken generations to build.


*Barking used to be an OK place until it got an unwelcome injection of bearded savagery and other imported ponces

2 Comments on "We should no longer tolerate our troops being abused by extremists nor the police protecting the abusers"

  1. Robert the Biker | November 12, 2012 at 12:10 pm |

    Troops are normally large hefty lads, why is arse kicking not taking place here.
    Don’t tell me to go after the politicians and hold them to account, they are afraid of the ‘slims calling them names (racist, islamophobe), so don’t waste your time. Journalists are fellow travellers being mostly brain dead lefty scum.
    Only physical resistance will work now.

    • What pisses me of is the police actively protecting these jihadist fuckers.

      I’m afraid it is the politicos that need holding to account as they are the ones who got us into this mess.

      Agree with you about many journos though, the NUJ has just come out in favour of state censorship of newspapers. Typical socialists.

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