I’ll have some of what those Judges are smoking, Abu Qatada wins appeal

Sometimes you look at the actions of the judiciary and despair.   Abu Qatada, a person who not only do we not need here but who hankers after destroying us, has won his appeal against deportation to Jordan.

It must be some pretty strong drugs the Judges are on if they can see Qatada as anything other than vermin.


Who are these judges serving, is it the cause of Justice or the cause of Brussels?


There is a lively debate about this issue over at Harry’s Place.  Well worth reading and a fabulous comment form the poster Lamia on HP.  They said:

“We are ruled by an establishment whose enemy are not foreign extremists but the ordinary people of Britain. I hope the ‘human rights’ scum responsible are proud of themselves, because the rest of the country hates them.”

I couldn’t agree more.



3 Comments on "I’ll have some of what those Judges are smoking, Abu Qatada wins appeal"

  1. Robert the Biker | November 13, 2012 at 9:38 am |

    I wonder what it costs to have someone bumped off in this country.
    Just asking….

    • I don’t think that is the answer, bumping off judges is what happens in more backwards nations.

      The activist judges do need to be curbed though, getting away from the ECHR is the first essential thing to do.

      I cannot believe that nobody advised Blair that incorprorating the ECHR into British Law would be a boon for scum and the lawyers who represent them.

      The Labour government packed the judiciary with its favourites just as it did in local government,the civil service and the police. They should never be trusted in government again.

  2. Robert the Biker | November 13, 2012 at 11:58 am |

    Wasn’t the judge I was thinking of…. : )

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