Strange search terms

I was having a look at the search terms for this blog and one of them is ‘Islamic Counselling’ well you’ve come to the right place if you want counselling out of being involved in a 7th century death cult.  If you want to be involved in a 7th Century death cult then may I suggest taking a trip on one of the many fine ships that leave from Dover, preferably with a one way ticket.

On the other hand I could just file it along with the other amusing search term oddities such as ‘celebrity nonce’ and ‘Islam beard London’.




4 Comments on "Strange search terms"

  1. It could be worse and like my top search terms which all seem to involve any combination of islam/ muslim/ animal/ sex/ rape. For some coincidence the more searches for those sort of terms usually means the higher visitor count from Pakistan. “videos with sexual perversions in urdu” has produced 3 visitors today

  2. Just following the footsteps of their prophet (piss be upon him)

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