Dead Bearded Savage of the Week

A democratic nation should do its best to walk the path of peace even if faced with provocation, but that doesn’t mean that a democratic nation should not or will not eventually fight back.

Israel has started a fight back after horrendous provocation, with rockets falling on the Israeli towns bordering the Hamas controlled area of the Gaza Strip, the Israelis have put up with what no nation should put up with. Towns like Beersheva, home to centres of learning (and a fabulous aircraft museum) as well as many Israeli citizens. Or towns like Sderot, where the number of rockets fired at the town by the Islamic terrorists of Hamas have led the many children in the town being on tranquilisers due to the stress of being bombed continually.

Residents of the Israeli towns in range of the rockets fired by Hamas or similar Islamic groups, have had to live in fear of the sound of the attack alarm, ‘tseva adom, tseva adom’ (red alert, red alert) and they have had to live with this for years. How long would you tolerate it before you pressed your government to fight back?

By killing Ahmed Said Khalil Jabari, a military leader of Hamas, Israel has fought back and has shown the sort of resolve in the face of Islamic bearded savagery that I, and others wish our own Governments would show when Islam threatens our own nations.

I take my hat off to the Israeli Defence Forces in how they took out the bearded savage without causing the sort of collateral damage that the sort of ordnance that was dropped during WWII would have done.

It is sad and regrettable that some possibly innocent civilians were also killed during the attacks on the Hamas Terrorist statelet of Gaza but no military operation will be 100% free of unecessary civilian casualties. However, it pays to remember that Hamas deliberately sites rocket launchers and other militiary assets in civilian areas, and in a breathtaking example of ‘taqiyya’, blames Israel for the civilian deaths.

The killing of Jabari wasn’t murder, it was justice. By not fighting back against bearded savagery, as too many European governments do, we do not, as the Bible commands, seek justice and instead facilitate injustice. Justice isn’t always giving the guilty a pat on the head and some counselling, sometimes Lady Justice needs to bloody her sword.

Here is a video of Justice catching up with the terrorist Ahmed Said Khalil Jabari.

And some national anthems to show support for the Israelis who are are fighting back, and how it should inspire others to press our govenments to do something about bearded savagery in our own nations.

God Save the Queen – NFSE

Hatikva (The Hope) Israeli national anthem.

Biblical quote on ‘justice’

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
That which is altogether just shalt thou follow, that thou mayest live, and inherit the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

To the ‘anti zionists’ out there, you can F**k right off, in the fight against bearded savagery, I choose to support the civilised nation of Israel rather than the screaming primitivists of the Islamic world.


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  1. Israel has a right, no, duty to fight back and protect its citizens. Israeli targetting and wasting of Jabari is commendable. Given the kind of situation Israel is in (surrounded by hostile islamic nations) it has no choice but to bomb Hamas to stone age. islamists have given no indication that they understand reason the other islamic countries too are sabre rattling instead of forcing hamas to call off their rocketing.

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