At last a British politician that tells the truth about Hamas

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Security is paramount for Israel

“This week’s escalation did not start with an attack on a Hamas military commander. It started with the use of Gaza as a launching pad for ideological war”


There has been much media coverage of Israels retaliation against the terrorists of Hamas for previous attacks on Israel.  Ignore the vile guff at that emanates from the diseased bowels of the BBC and the anti-Zionist Left, and listen instead to John Howell MP.  Here a politician who is prepared to not give the terrorists of Hamas a free pass, and instead calls them out on what they really are, which is vile racist thugs dedicated to exterminating their neighbour.

I’d like to draw attention to one of the comments on the Commentator thread from a guy called Yitzhak who easily pulled to pieces the intellectual laziness of a passing ‘anti-Zionist’/anti-Semite in the comments field who had whined on about ‘proportionality’.  Well in reality (as opposed to Leftism) in war you need to kill as many of your enemy as possible>  To keep the Jihadist wolf from the Israeli door, lots of the Islamic enemy do unfortunately need to be killed.   I have no personal moral problem with this, after all it was the Islamic groups like Hamas and their predecessors that have insisted on being the aggressor, even when Israel has held out the olive branch of peace.


” From Yitzhak to Garve Scott-Lodge

Oh, you just ‘posted some facts’, eh? Funny. Why not post the annual GDP of Venezuala? Or the mean distance of the earth from the sun?

No, your ‘facts’ concerned the respective casualty figures for cast lead, and the aim was evidently to convey a sense of illegality of illegitimacy to Israel’s actions during Cast Lead – a conflict started, of course, by the same mob of slobbering, child-abusing, mouth-breathing, Jew-hating, genocidal, fanatic f**knuggets as started the present one.

Respective casualty figures are irrelevant. Israel (or any other country for that matter) does not have to match the number of enemy personnel killed, to its own losses. No country on earth has ever been asked to do that, and no country on earth ever will be. No country, that is, except Israel. Winning conflicts involves killing as many of the other side as you can, until they are no longer able to fight.

The issue of civilians only comes to the fore if and when it can be shown beyond a reasonable doubt that they were targeted deliberately. Despite the number of times you and your foul kind chant the mantra of ‘war crimes’, however, it has never been shown that Israel has ever targeted a non-combatant on purpose.

Indeed, even a cursory glance at the figures for Cast Lead and other conflicts reveal that the claims of ‘civilian deaths’ are pure fantasy. During the so-called ‘al-Aqsa Intifada’ (in other words, the contrived and pre-planned attacks on innocent Jews by your buddies), the percentage of the dead who were female was 2.8%. So either Israel has developed some amazing new weapon that only targets men, or else the so-called ‘civilians’ were Fakestinian Filth (isn’t that a tautology..?) who were not wearing military uniforms. Pallywood at its best.

But at the end of the day, you’re just pissed that your particular interpretation of ‘international law’ involves killing Jews for sport, without consequences. How disappointed you must be when we shoot back.”


The ironic thing about this whole situation is that the Gazans could have peace quite easily just by not chucking rockets at Israel.  There is nothing more precious to many of the Israeli’s that I have met than peace.  Unfortunately the Islamic enemy of freedom this time with its Hamas face, desires death rather than life and peace.

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly. When hamas is rocketing Israel continuously it does not make the news but when Israel retaliates. It is big news. I doubt if palestinians want peace. They just want Israel finished. As you very rightly said Gazans could have peace just by not chucking rockets at Israel. Why is it that islamists always want something more ? They want to establish muzzie only zones in US, UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Belgium, Australia, they want Kashmir. Why is the world tolerating this nonsense.

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