Will the multiculturalists continue to try to hide and play down Islamic Grooming Gangs?

If, as is likely to happen, when a major report into child abuse in the UK is published next week, that the disgusting phenomena of the Islamic sexual abuse gangs that operate in the UK, is hushed up


There appears to be a strong possibility that a major report into child abuse by Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz  following the Rochdale Islamic Nonce Gang scandal broke, will gloss over the growing problem with Islamic grooming gangs.


The Daily Mail ( Hat Tip:  Kafircrusader ) quoting a story in The Sun newspaper reported that:


Next week Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz will publish a major report into child abuse

A major report into child abuse will trigger controversy next week when it plays down the significance of Pakistani men targeting white girls.

It is claimed England’s deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz will avoid saying there is a specific problem, fearing it might appear politically incorrect.

The move will add to claims that the authorities have turned a blind eye to the problem.

Council officials and police were accused of failing to tackle the problem of Pakistani gangs sexually abusing young girls in Rochdale in Lancashire and Rotherham in South Yorkshire.

A Whitehall source said: ‘It’s important we don’t take a politically-correct approach and pretend there is not a real problem here.

Obviously abuse has been carried out by men from all sorts of ethnic background,’ the source told The Sun.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot say there is an issue about groups of Pakistani men systematically targeting young white girls.’

The Sun article said:

A REPORT on Britain’s child abuse epidemic will deny a problem with Pakistani men targeting white girls — for fear of being seen as racist.

England’s deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz is to publish the bombshell report next week saying kids are facing abuse in every town and city.

But, in an explosive move, she will not state there is a specific problem with Pakistani men grooming and abusing vulnerable white girls.

Instead, Ms Berelowitz will argue that young girls are abused by men from all ethnic backgrounds.”


Of course abuse of children goes on in all backgrounds but that is not the issue with the cases in Rochdale and sadly elsewhere. In these cases we have one specific religious/cultural group, the followers of Islam, actively searching out vulnerable young women and older children from other groups, in order to rape and otherwise abuse them.


It is quite obvious to any one of average intelligence that although not ever Muslim in a rapist or a peadophile, the culture of Islam encourages a view of children and women as objects to be used to satisfy either an individual man’s will or the will of the Islamic community. It is idiotic not to say that this is not a factor in Islamic grooming gangs.


Suppression of any information about Islamic Grooming Gangs would serve no other purpose but to increase the anger of Britain’s non- Muslim majority, towards its Muslim minority.


Justice must be seen to be done. Covering up crimes will just ramp up the tension. Problems like Islamic Grooming must not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.


I shouldn’t have been surprised that there is this possiblity of bowlderisation as there are lies, damned lies and social services enquiries.


If this report DOES whitewash Islamic noncing then there really needs to be a concerted campaign aimed at keeping this issue in the public eye. There is nothing the multuculturalists would like more than to suppress this information but they must NOT be allowed to do this.


The ant Jihadist blogger Kafircrusader hit the nail right on the head when they said:


No one is denying that evil paedophiles come from all ethnicity’s and religions. To me they are all vermin who should of been put down.There are plenty of  white British nonces about for sure.But like it or not, when it comes down to grooming in gangs particularly of white schoolgirls . This is a massive problem in the Muslim community with racist Muslim males of Pakistani descent the main offenders.

For someone such as Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz to fail to include the huge problem of Muslim grooming gangs in a major report on child abuse would be like rubbing salt into the wounds of the thousands of victims and their families who have experienced the pain caused by these Muslim grooming gangs first hand. It would be an insult to those of us Brits that are capable of thinking for ourselves and KNOW Muslim grooming gangs are a huge problem and want it eradicating from  society.

If Sue Berelowitz doesn’t include something as important as the Muslim grooming epidemic in her report. Not only would it be a massive error of judgement. It will show everyone how incompetent and unfit she is for the job of  Deputy Children’s Commissioner. She will effectively be aiding and abetting every Muslim grooming gang member up and down the country because the abuse will go on and on while her and all the authorities carry on covering it up. You can bet your life if it had been the other way and white abusing Muslims it would of been included in the report the abuse of Muslim girls by racist white men.


And this also from kafircrusader is a sobering thought


With Muslim grooming gangs in Rochdale, Rotherham, Bradford, Keighley and Oxford all coming to light in this past year. You cant help but wonder wonder if this is the tip of the iceberg. How many more police forces and councils are covering up Muslim sexual abuse of children for community relations.How many more towns across Britain are experiencing the same problem.“


If this report does suppress the information about Islamic noncing gangs then it will not reduce anger, but sadly only increase it. This problem of Islamic Grooming Gangs will never be solved unless the issue is debated openly, preferably without any input from the morally relativistic slime of the ‘diversity community’.




Kafir Crusader


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3 Comments on "Will the multiculturalists continue to try to hide and play down Islamic Grooming Gangs?"

  1. The story that seems to be pushed now, and I expect is in the Berelowitz report, is that there are numerically far more white abusers (not necessarily English, mind you), and by that they mean abusers that the Law (such as it is) has taken some action on. Well, there are many things wrong with such a simplistic and PC-convenient approach, and I listed a few of them to the DailyMail comments, though I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for them to approve it:

    Here is my comment (reformatted for clarity in a way the DailyMail comment board does not give):
    The Mp said “‘vast majority’ of child abusers in this country are white” === There are three reasons for that:
    =1=. Certain child abusers have been ignored by the Law because of the fear of being labelled Racist, so THEY won’t have ended up in court!
    =2= If a groups racist crimes against the white community weren’t dealt with because of the Racist label, then certainly crimes within that group weren’t dealt with.
    =3= The white community is much larger, so on a crime per head basis there are FAR FEWER white abusers.


    A key difference to remember is that most of the religions/philosophies that the white community (and most Asian communities as well) follow do not support child abuse, and that is reflected in the way white communities try to out the nonces rather than hide/protect them.

    This will certainly increase the number of white abusers dealt with by the Law, especially when compared against communities that get away with abuse to children targeted outside their community. Indeed, any child abuse victims within that community are very unlikely to come forward when they see similar abuse against whites being ignored. One only has to think of the horrifying predilection for ‘honour’ murders, and the arranging of child-bride weddings, both of which were ignored by the Law for so many years due to the loathsome PC crowd, and which resulted in much avoidable suffering for the victims.

  2. Derek some good points there. Of course the ‘headline’ figures that are broken down into ethnic groups will show that white offenders are in the majority. I also agree with you that nearly all other groups apart from the followers of Islam make positive efforts to deal with the problem of child abuse. This problem of on street grooming isn’;t a crime that is spread across ethnic groups but is a problem that concens one particular commnity.

    I did some digging and found that even simlarly isolationist minorities in the UK do much much more than Muslim groups to deal with sexual abuse. To make a comparison: Even those groups like Haredi Jews, who previously dealt with such problems internally (not something I altogether agree with), in some cases by exile from the community (a huge punishment for such people for whom the community or ‘klal’ means a lot) are now more aware of the damage caused by child abuse and are reporting such criminals to the authorities. When even groups like Haradi Jews who ban television and the internet from their homes can be seen to be becoming more aware of the sexual abuse issue doing something about intracommunal sexual crime, it begs the question as to why are not Muslims and Islamic groups doing more
    to deal with the problem not just of intracommunal but inter communal sexual abuse.

    To conclude: If the state stopped pandering to Islamic fraggles then maybe the more moderate and modernistic Muslims would feel more free to speak out about the undoubted problems that exist in Islamic culture.

    • You have to wonder how many times our govnenmert has to have Jihad declared on it (ie. a declaration of war) before they ever take these people seriously? It’s not like the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood are not there for all to see.My 22 year old son can’t seem to comprehend my distrust of Islam, but then the schools today do not enourage reading, or the synthesis of logical thought. To many of my fellow teachers are suffering from a complex where they feel they have a duty to indoctrinate historical fact through revisionism. I feel the students should be taught skills that allow them to find facts beyond the narrow curriculum offered in our schools. Knowledge beyond the curriculum which in many cases is developed by left wing progressives, make for a more worldy well rounded individual. One of the closet Marxists at our school couldn’t get over the fact that most of the students in my History classes could actually argue historical theories from both sides of the arguement. He also couldn’t believe that thee students in my class ran the full spectrum of political views, and did not just spout the dictums of the teacher.

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