Justice for Islamic Terrorists or Dead Bearded Savage of the Week number 2

News has come in that a senior member of the Islamic terrorist group Islamic Jihad has been killed in an air raid by the Israeli Air Force on a media building that housed not only the Hamas propaganda station but also a command and control post used by terrorist groups including Islamic Jihad.

The Commentator blog reports:

An Islamic Jihad local commander was killed today in an Israeli air strike on a tower that is used by many international media outlets, a source in the terrorist group has said.

It was initially reported that the dead man was the owner of a computer store on the third storey of the city centre building, however it has come to light that Israel’s targeting of the building is in fact legitimate.

The news comes as many international media organisations claimed that Israel should avoid targeting buildings which house journalists, however Israel has assured the international media that it has indeed targeting terrorist facilities placed within or on top of the building, and that the building was used by terrorist outfits to house command and communication posts.

It’s the second strike on the building in two days. The Hamas TV station, Al Aqsa, is located on the top floor.

Islamic Jihad sent a text message to reporters today stating that Ramez Harb, who was responsible for propaganda in Islamic Jihad’s Gaza City Brigade and served as an aide to Tissir Jabari, was killed by the Israeli strike.”



In an update to the Commentator report the blog states that the Israeli Defence Forces have announced that other terrorists have been also killed.

They are:

1. Baha Abu al-Ata, commndr. of PIJ #Gaza City Brigade, involved in planning attacks against #Israel, arms manufacturing, long-range rockets

2. Tissir Mahmoud Mahmed Jabari, senior PIJ operative, responsible for training within org & approving terrorist attacks against #Israel

  1. Halil Batini, PIJ senior operative, a key figure in org’s long-range rocket launching operations, responsible for internal security


Well done to the IDF and IAF for managing to hit the Jihadists without doing the sort of civilian collateral damage that was caused during previous conflicts such as WWII and Vietnam etc.

You can never have a war where no civilians or non combatants get killed but you can, as the Israelis appear to be doing, and what the death tolls seem to be showing, fight a war without deliberately harming civilians.

It is sad that it has come to fighting but I cannot see why Israel should put up with bearded savages lobbing missiles into their country, killing and injuring their citizens. If bearded savages took over the Isle of Wight and lobbed rockets at Portsmouth, would we as a nation put up with that? Probably not.



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  1. I cannot remember the the media complaining when a Serbian TV station was bombed by NATO

    • Unfortunately much of the left and centre left media such as the BBC has a double standard. If a propaganda station anywhere else in the world was hit, then the BBC wouldn’t make such a fuss. But as it’s Israel hitting such a perveyor of hate as the Hamas TV station, then for the journalistic leftoids that is a different kettle of fish.

      I don’t think bbc news could be anymore bent unless it called up the shade of Jimmy Savile and put it in charge of Newsnight.

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