Women only mini cab services – Could it have anything to do with the number of rapist British mini cab drivers who follow the ‘religion of peace’?

This article from Front Page Magazine and the Telegraph piece that it derives from is pretty chilling. Although a man from any background can be a rapist or a sex offender, it seems that followers of Islam are quite well represented in the number of rapes and other sex attacks carried out on British women by taxi drivers of an Islamic background.


This preponderance of Islamic names in the list of taxi rapists may have at its root the grossly misogynistic attitudes to be found within Islamic culture. Because the policy of multiculturalism has meant that the attitudes of the ‘other’ cannot be questionedm we therefore haven’t as a society, challenged the misogynistic attitudes of Islamic men. Because there is this lack of challenge to attitudes they carry on as their culture (not ours) tells them is correct – which in the case of Islam is treating women like dirt.


Front Page Mag said:


There is of course no mention of the rash of sexual assaults by Muslim taxi drivers, but in the modern media reading between the lines has become an increasingly important skill.

Even in a licensed cab, there is often a niggle at the back of any female passenger’s mind: will I get home in one piece? While the vast majority of male taxi drivers are of course completely safe, many women simply feel less vulnerable with a female driver


To understand the rise of female cabbies and female taxi firms in the UK, one need only look at stories like these.

Zahoor Mahmood, aged 40, was described as a ‘sexual predator’ when he was jailed yesterday for sexually assaulting two women he picked up on nights out in Sheffield. The father-of-four, who worked for City Taxis, attacked both women within three weeks last summer.

Atiq Rehman, 20, spotted his 22-year-old victim leaving a club and tricked her into thinking he was a taxi driver. He then lured her into the back room of a corner shop and attacked her on a mattress for 45 minutes.

Taxi driver Larasab Hussain, 46, sexually assaulted a 15-year-old after she had been repeatedly abused by two other men.

Ibrahim Selman went on the run to the Sudan days after holding a female passenger hostage, repeatedly raping her and leaving her for dead in the street. Now one of his victims is demanding an investigation into how Selman managed to get the licence which allowed him to operate a private hire taxi in Edinburgh.”


Sadly these are not the only cases where a Islamic mini cab drivers have been implicated in rapes or sexual assaults. A brief search of Google for the term ‘mini cab rape’ will through up a lot of cases, not all of them relating to Islamic assailants but the majority of the assailants appear to be Islamic.


We should not feel inhibited about speaking up about this epidemic of Islamic rapists, it is not racist to point this fact out as Islam is NOT a race, despite what the multikulti appeasers of Islam might say.


No woman should have to put up with a hightened risk of rape just because the only transport available to get her home is one driven by a Muslim.


No parent should have to suffer either their daughter being sexually attacked or losing their jobs (as happened to a BBC employee) for advising their children not to travel in Islamic owned, driven or controlled mini cabs.


If I, as a man, were to advise a woman on how to stay safe at night whilst travelling my advice would be: ‘Don’t let Islam take you for a ride’, and don’t get into a Muslim mini-cab. It does appear, even from basic web research, to increase a woman’s chances of attack. A woman should look for other safer methods of transport either public transport, walking with friends, driving, car sharing or doing some research and finding out which cab companies in your area employ the least number of Islamic drivers and booking a car from them.


I would certainly feel more uneasy putting my wife or daughter into a Muslim cab than a cab driven by somebody else. That’s not racism, that’s a sensible cautionary decision based on evidence and should be no more controversial than advising women not to take unlicenced mini-cabs.


I cannot state enough that men from all backgrounds have the capacity to commit sexual assaults but there is a definite co-relation between the categories ‘Muslim’, ‘mini-cab’ and ‘rape’ and the followers of Islam are over represented in these type of rape figures going by web searches. These figures and stories cannot be explained away by saying that these numbers are high because there are many Islamic mini cab drivers. There are a lot of drivers of other heritages out there but a lesser number of rapists when compared to Islamic cab drivers.




Front Page Magazine article on the high number of rapes carried out by Islamic mini cab drivers.



Telegraph article on female only mini cab companies



Daily Mail article on BBC presenter who lost job asking for a non asian taxi driver

2008 story.


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  1. you say
    “it seems that followers of Islam are quite well represented in the number of rapes and other sex attacks carried out on British women by taxi drivers of an Islamic background.”

    Correct me If I am wrong offendi but surely one should expect the overwhelming majority of taxi drivers with an Islamic background to be followers of Islam.

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