And now from Huddersfield……..

……comes a warning about suspicious ‘Asians’ in a van hanging round a school.

Any one reckon that there is NOT a ‘bearded savage’ element to this one ?   After all the MO is very similar to other Islamic grooming gang cases.

From takeaways, to the shopping centre, the street to the school gate, following in the footsteps of the prophet Mohammed, in having no conception of the meaning of the term ‘Informed Consent’, treating non Muslim women as captured property.  These gangs are coercing young girls into sex, they were not in the words of the  multiculturalists helping the girls to make  ‘lifestyle choices’.   The social services are broken and need repair, just like our police.  Not just in Rochdale or Rotherham either.

Please see, read, print out and distribute the leaflet on Muslim grooming that can be found via this LINK 

In order to deal with, punish and ultimately prevent the problem of Islamic child sex grooming, we need to be informed about it.

It is not racist to learn, but learn you must.


Muslim Grooming publication setting what the current problems are.


As I’ve said before, I don’t hold with all that this group stand for but they’ve hit the target with this campaign against Islamic street grooming.