From Elsewhere: Joyce Thacker is surely the virtual love child of Marxist ideologies

Anna Racoon’s excellent writing scores a direct hit again.

“Are we to believe that the children’s cultural needs are better catered for in a household whose adults are in favour of wiping their fellow Europeans off the face of the earth, than merely limiting their access to UK taxpayers funds?’

Spot on.  Excellent article.

I’m sadly not surprised to see this happening in a Labour borough.   Labour have ceased to be any sort of representative for the common man or woman, instead they have become the champions of those who wish to destroy us as a society and as a nation.

The  Labour party has climbed so far up the rectums of bearded savagery, that  I can’t see why anyone who considers themselves even remotely patriotic would vote Labour.

It was mostly the Labour Party’s fault that Britain has a bearded savage problem.  Labour’s immigration, social, welfare and legal policies, such as the Human Rights Act  have been used by Islamic groups to advance their cause and suppress or marginalise the voices of those who oppose our society tolerating the intolerance of Islam.

The Labour party has become,dare I say it, the party of choice for the traitor to the UK.