Name your ‘Neville Chamberlain’ – Let’s document the actions of the appeasers

Recent media stories regarding the actions of Joyce Thacker and the ongoing scandal of Islamic Grooming Gangs etc has shown that there appear to be a fair amount of mostly Left wing appeasers of Islam scattered throughout the Public Sector. These people operate an ‘unwise monkey’ approach to Islam and prefer to see, hear and speak no evil where Islam is concerned.  I believe that this note of appeasement of Islam has negatively impinged on the idea that we are all, whatever our race or religion, subject to the same national law.

I’ve managed to find a Diversity Officer, a Police Officer and a local Councillor, who for various reasons that could range from ideology or ‘career protection reasons’ or naieveity appease Islam and have appeared to give it a leg up.

If I can find three in one city, how many more are there out there?  It makes me wonder?

In a democratic society there needs to be trust on the part of the citizen that Government is being managed well and in the best interests of the nation as a whole. If there are those in authority who are appeasing the fascistic creed of aggressive Islam, then that trust is lost. Collusion with Islam, which is a threat to the Western democracies, should be treated as grave a moral error on the part of a public servant as was collusion with communism during the Cold War or associating with German Fascism during and prior to World War II.

Let us see if we can document the ‘Neville Chamberlains’ who may be working in your local or national government, or government agency but not working for YOU.

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We need to change this appeasement culture via the ballot box. It is the peaceful application of the ballot that must be tried as a means to change this culture, not the bullet or the mob with flaming torches, of which there have been far too many documented in history. However before that electoral challenge can be effectively mounted, the extent of this appeasement needs to be monitored. Knowledge is power, remember that.

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Background note:  For those who don’t know the back ground to the ‘Neville Chamberlain’ insult.  Here is a short film showing why appeasement of Adolf Hitler in 1938 didn’t work and it is also why appeasement of Islam is unwise in the extreme.

The great Pat Condell on the dangers of appeasing Islam.  True words from 2008.