Local Labour LOL from cyberspace

I was doing some digging last night on the net and found a glorious example of a political fail and a symptom for me of just how hollowed out the Labour Party now is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Hereford Young Labour Group.  Go to their Facebook page and glory at the majestic emptiness, broken only by the tumbleweed and undisturbed by content, with the silence broken by only ten measly ‘likes’.

So the local Labour party in Hereford can’t even managed to populate a faecesbook page with some content.  I know that some of us bloggers have a FB page to act as an automatic extra publicity outlet but for a major political party to have a FB page and not be able to organise someone to fill the page, speaks a lot about how few people there must be, who are motivated to help the Labour Party.

I can’t say I blame them, after all would you want to work for a party that propped open the doors to more immigrants than the country can cope with, removed the ability to punish criminals effectively, presided over economic collapse, allowed the growth of dangerously hostile Islamic ghettos and corrupted the police and the civil service.

Lovely lot, not.