Now these Muslims are at least trying to fit in with a free society. First mosque for Gay Muslims to open in France

I don’t know whether to consider these people brave or just complete crazy/mesuganah/in possession of a fully developed death wish, but I’ll take my hat off to them all the same.

The Jerusalem Post  quoting the Turkish Hurriyet reports;

Muhammad Ludovic Lütfi Zahed, a gay French-Algerian man, is slated to open the first gay mosque at the end of November.

The Turkish daily newspaper Hurriyet first reported last week on the plan to establish the mosque. Zahed told the Turkish paper, “In normal mosques, women have to sit in the back seats and wear a headscarf and gay men are afraid of both verbal and physical aggression. After performing the Hajj, I realized that a mosque for gays was a must for gay Muslims who want to perform their prayers.”

The Jerusalem Post reported earlier this year on Zahed’s marriage to Qiyam al-Din, a South African, during a ceremony outside Paris in February, approved by an imam in France. The men had previously married in South Africa, where same-sex marriage is legal, but the French government under then-president Nicolas Sarkozy refused to recognize it.

Zahed told Hurriyetreporter Arzu Cakır Morin that “we will use a hall in a Buddhist chapel, which will be opened on November 30.”

The new mosque will not segregate men from women and will conduct joint gender prayers, noted the Hurriyet.”

I wish them well in their attempt to try to reform Islam, but I predict it will be more than one or two lifetimes before it can be completed..

But I will predict for the moment, that the incomprehension of the majority of the bearded savage community will be heading for (probably literally) explosive levels.



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  1. Robert the Biker | November 27, 2012 at 4:50 pm |

    Firebomb attack in 5..4..3..2..

  2. I hope not but it is surely most likely. Mind you the suicide bomber could be faced with the situation where the 72 virgins he receives in paradise are all men.

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