Open Debate Post: Reform of Islam

Reform of Islam, is it possible, how could it be done?

What would need to change in Islam to reduce suspicion and fear of it, and make life better for Muslims living under it?

Would the concept of Mohammed as the Perfect Man need to be amended possibly by reference to the political make up of ancient Arabia?

Could there be a new abrogation of the Qu’ran so that the verses of violence are annulled or seen as a historical curiosity?

Other religions have reformed or come to an accommodation with later teachings both sacred and secular, is it not time for Islam to do this?

I’ve banged on here about Islamic reform in the past but I’d like to hear YOUR suggestions as to what needs to change in Islam to bring it into the modern world.

Whaddya think?

5 Comments on "Open Debate Post: Reform of Islam"

    • Convert en mass to Judaism?

    • Seriously, definitely the first thing to do would be to lose the aggression. Accept that other faiths exist and that you shouldn’t convert people by the sword.

      Once you get that far then things may change.

      Or even female Imams

      • Robert the Biker | November 29, 2012 at 11:59 am |

        Not entirely sure female imams is a good idea-they have female suicide bombers after all!
        All we need, some frothing imam regularly suffering from PMT.

  1. We’ve had female vicars for years now and to my knowledge none of them have screamed from the book of Revelation once a month. I think more female input and control of more of Islam would make a positive difference.

    There have been women vicars in the UK since the 1990’s and there have been women Rabbis since 1935 and the sky hasn’t fallen in. To my mind men and women are equal but different and each brings their own positive qualities to the table.

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