French take to streets to protest the growth of radical Islam

Things seem to be coming to boiling point in France.  It appears that many French citizens are getting angry about the state pandering to and  facilitating Islam.

First there was the Generation Identiaire movement now this what seems quite a substantial demonstration.

This report on the demonstration is from the Christian Broadcasting Network based in the United States.  A note of caution, CBN like many specialist media outlets do have their own agenda, but you can do a quick websearch and confirm for yourself that there is a lot of anger in France over the growth of often hostile Islamic ghettos.

Here is the Generation Identitaire video

This is what happens when mainstream parties ignore and dismiss people’s genuine concerns about the growth of radical Islam and Islamic fascism.  This demo, along with the existence of GI and the growing support for anti Islamic groups Europe-wide is a symptom of failure by the mainstream parties, who chose to parrot the tired party lines on ‘multiculturalism’ rather than act as a conduit for peoples opinions and concerns.  I do believe that the Christian and the Muslim can sit down together in peace, but this isn’t accomplished by allowing Islamic communties to ‘opt out’ of laws and social standards that everyone else abides by.  Continually giving Islam a political ‘free pass’ has accomplished nothing apart from stoking the anger of non Muslims.

I do worry that by not acting on people’s concerns about things like Shariah Creep, the mainstream parties have given the impetus for the creation and growth of a new generation of unpleasant nationalist*/fascist parties.  I do hope not.  Sadly it looks like the inaction of the mainstream parties in addressing the problems surrounding radical Islam has allowed the ‘Blood and Soil’ type organisations to grow.

Well done lefties, you have helped to bring back the days of  ”Travail, Famille, Patrie.  Do you consider that a success for Leftism?’  Personally from where I sit, it looks like a symptom of failure.

*I’m with Tammy Bruce on the subject of ‘nationalism’ in that it is a tool and like any tool it can be misused.  Therefore the problem isn’t that someone is a nationalist, but rather how are they expressing that nationalism?