Polling Day in Rotherham



The socialist gloves came off in Rotherham recently with a foster couple having children removed because of their membership of a legal political party.  If there is anything that shows just how arrogant the local government Left have become, it is that they believe that they are justified in removing children from foster carers who hold a political view different to that of the Labour party run local authority.

This case only came to light because of the attention turned on Rotherham by the constant fountain of Islamic child abuse cases, and Rotherham’s previous MP being an expense thief.  I wonder how many other Labour councils are doing similar things that we haven’t yet heard about?  

Is there more of this type of political and ideological bullying being carried out in other Labour councils up and down the country?  Are there more victims of similar policies out there who may have been silenced / bought off / threatened or who are otherwise afraid to speak out.  

I’d like to think that people in Rotherham would be as disgusted as many in the rest of the country at the actions of Joyce Thacker in Rotherham.  Sadly, you could stick a red rosette on a dog turd there and people would bovinely vote for it, despite Labour having a devastating record for running local authorities, and indeed the nation, into the ground. 

Having lived in some Labour One-Party-States and seen how corrupt they become, it is my sincere belief that The Monster Raving Loony Party would probably do a better job than Labour at representing Rotherham. 



Hat tip for header image Nourishing Obscurity