A good day in politics

It’s always a good day for me when the Lib Damned Party does badly.  The Janus-faced Lib Dems, took drubbings in Rotherham and Croydon North, losing their deposits in these constituencies.

Being in Coalition has shown up the Lib Dems for the untrustworthy lot of charlatans that they really are.  The national political stage has much more powerful spotlights than the local or county council one.

When the Lib Dems were primarily a party of local government, it could get away with being socialistic in one area but in favour of freedom in another area.  However, although this policy is effective in local government, when applied to the national arena, it just makes the Lib Dems look shifty and untrustworthy (which they are IMO).

I believe that Lord  David Owen saw the writing on the wall for the SDP when they were beaten in a byelection by the Monster Raving Loony Party and wound up the party, maybe after being beaten by not only the BNP but also by the English Democrats, Nick Clegg should sit down and do some serious thinking about the future, or lack of it, of the Liberal Democrats.


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2 Comments on "A good day in politics"

  1. What is the POINT of Lib/dems, or, indeed what WAS the point of the “Liberals”?

    They have always just been there to cause trouble and strife at a minor level, as far as I can see.

    (AYE! I KNOW about Lloyd George and all that, but….)

    • At one point, when the Tories were Right and Labour were Left, the Liberals were recipients of votes from those who didn’t consider themselves right or left.

      Sadly, the Lib Dems have completely lost touch with any genuine Liberalism and instead are just another different flavour of Leftie, with all the ideological closed mindedness that that entails.

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