Bearded Savages of the day number 39

You’ve got to feel empathy for the poor Malians, their country has been overrun by violent bearded savages, who oppress women and have attacked the Malians culture in order to impose a warped Shariah state in Mali (sound familiar).

First of all Malians found that women were being forced into the mobile canvas prisons so beloved by bearded savages worldwide, then the Islamists attacked the world-renowned Malian music scene now it seems you can be whipped for talking in the street.

The Times of Malta reports:

Islamist extremists controlling the city of Timbuktu publicly whipped six young people, residents say.

The victims, males and females aged between 16 to 22, each received 100 lashes for having talked to each other on the city streets.

Aboubacrine Yattara, who lives in Timbuktu and witnessed the whippings, said the young people were arrested last week. They were flogged today in Timbuktu’s small market.

The head of the Islamist brigade responsible for customs in Timbuktu, Mohamed Ag Mossa Intoulou, did not deny the whippings but said he could not comment.”

The ancient Malian culture, which although nominally Islamic is NOT like that found elsewhere in the bearded savage world, Malian Islam is more peaceful than other types of Islam. The Arab Islamists wreaking havoc in Mali have attacked the gravesites of revered Malian theologians, and elsewhere in North Africa have burned libraries belonging to groups that the Islamists consider insufficiently Islamic.

Anyone who doubts that there is truth in the phrase ‘they who burn books will eventually burn people’ should take a look at Mali, because eventually the Islamists will stop burning books and then burn people in order to bring about their takeover of Mali.

When Islamists take over Malian towns and cities, it’s not just the day that the music dies, the culture and the people do too.


Times of Malta article

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