More on the Harry’s Place DDOS

( for the non techie reader a Distributed Denial of Service is a method of crashing a site’s server by sending repeated requests to it.)


I don’t know the efforts being made in order to sort out the problems with the Centre-Left blog Harry’s place but it certainly looks like a DDOS attack has been made on the site.  

I don’t know who may have carried the attack out but my money is on elements of the Iranian Government because HP has spoken out against Iran and its policies and also has highlighted those high profile Westerners (such as Galloway and Livingstone) who have appeared on or have supported the Iranian Government propaganda mouthpiece Press TV.

What I do know however is that the vile, mad, left wing anti zionist blog, Jews San Frontieres has been cheering on the attack from the sidelines.  What turns my stomach is the way JSF speak praise for the DDOS with one side of the mouth but disapprove of the DDOS with the other side.  

JSF said:“Harry’s Place is down at the moment.  It could be one of those DDOS thingies or it could just be a technical glitch, I’m not sure.  Just before they were zapped they came up with a post that would have many decent folk reaching for the DDOS file but since I don’t approve of that kind of thing – as a rule – I’m linking to the cache of a post where they claim that the killing of the eleven month old baby of a BBC cameraman was more likely by Hamas than by Israel.  The post is titled Who Killed Jihad Masharawi’s Son, Omar? and draws heavily on a highly speculative piece on the tastefully named Elder of Ziyon blog – but don’t useantisemitic tropes anybody.”

Those of us who take an interest in the situation in the Middle East have noticed that the bestial thugs of Hamas are not averse to killing their own people for political gain or being reckless about whether civilians are killed and quite frankly it is not beyond the realms of possibliity that Hamas misfired the missile which killed the child.  The child then became a PR pawn which Hamas could shroud-wave about for the international media and the useful idiot opponents of Israel.  I don’t see any problems with asking questions about this unfortunate child’s death.

One other issue that this piece and the linked article raises is why on earth was the BBC using locally engaged staff, the cameraman, in a high profile war zone?  Because the cameraman’s family were in the zone of conflict, it put the cameraman at incredible risk of blackmail or other pressure from Jihadist groups who could have used this pressure to ensure favourable coverage.

Any news organisation will need to have locally engaged staff but what the BBC appear to have done here is extremely irresponsible.  They hired a cameraman who was at risk of being blackmailed into providing favourable coverage of Hamas.  That doesn’t strike me to be a good practice.   


Note:  I’m not linking directly on this list to JSF what with them being Jihadist fellating scum and all.  If you want to find them you are at liberty to do so.  

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