From Elsewhere: Sleazy does it! Labour, Leveson, Maddy and Milly

From the excellent Guido Fawkes blog.  It appears that Labour have been calling for the ‘Full Leveson’ to be implemented.  However, Guido says:

“A section of the party website features Maddie McCann and Milly Dowler, asking people to pledge their support. Except the small print reveals the postcode and email data will be used for Labour MPs to contact you. Stay classy…”


Classy? Moral? Patriotic? Freedom Loving? None of those terms should ever by used to describe the Labour Party.  Labour need to be punished for using the Dowlers and the Maddie case to data harvest for the Labour Party.  Oh well I’ll just have to file it along with the other Labour sleaze, such as the sackloads of bent Islamic postal votes or the ‘client state’ that help to keep some Labour politicians in power.