Who’d be a Christian in a bearded savage nation?

This article from the excellent Kafircrusader, highlights the hypocrisy of Islamic culture where they expect freedom of religion in the West but do not practice it in areas where Islam dominates.

Here is Kafircrusader’s article on Uzbekistan.

Without doubt Muslims are the biggest hypocrites that you could ever come across. Through out the world the story seems to be pretty much the same. In the civilized non-Muslim majority countries, Muslims are free to practice their religion freely because of our toleration for others whether we agree with their views or not. In fact in many cases the powers that be have gone out-of-the-way to accommodate Muslims and keep them happy. But as we keep seeing with the cult of Islam followers  in Britain, USA, Canada, France or where ever, that is never enough. The more people appease them and give, the more the Muslims want. They don’t ask that people respect their religion. THEY EXPECT IT. Criticize Islam…perish the thought. The Mullahs at the mosque will be mobilising the masses to protest moaning about how their the poor old hard done by all the time.

Yet when the shoe is on the other foot in a majority Muslim land, all that goes out of the window when it comes to other minority religions practising  their faiths. The religious freedoms and the respect they expect to be shown they wouldn’t dream of allowing others the same. Instead they treat the infidels like second class citizens and in many places go as far as persecuting them…..

Read more at:  http://kafircrusaders.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/uzbekistan-christians-fined-for-praying-bibles-ordered-to-be-destroyed-by-muslim-officials/