Now that is why Pakistan is a S**t-hole

This is a new spin off feature from Bearded Savages of the Day. Because so many weird and not quite so wonderful Bearded Savage stories come out of the country of Pakistan, here is this feature highlighting the depredations that Islam has wrought on Pakistan and its people.

I’m not going to go in to the history of Pakistan in this post, but the story of the creation of Pakistan and the aftermath of the partition of the Indian Sub Continent is interesting, tragic and relevant to our own time. If you want to read a history of the division of India then I would recommend starting with Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre’s ‘Freedom at Midnight’ which was published in 1975 (ISBN-13: 978-0006388517 ).

In Urdu the word ‘Pakistan’ means ‘Land of the Pure’ and is a reference to religious purity. However, when those of us in the Free World, look at Pakistan we see anything but purity. Instead of justice there is injustice, instead of freedom there is oppression and instead of being at peace with neighbours there is aggression. Pakistani Islamic groups and individuals of Pakistani origin or those who train in terrorist training camps in Pakistan feature all too prominently in cases of Islamic terrorism and other acts of Islamic disruption in other nations.

Woe betide you are one of the 3% of Pakistani citizens who happen to be of a minority religion. Their position is really not one to be envied, and shows up the lie spouted by forked tongued Islamic apologists that ‘there is no compulsion in religion in Islam.

In Pakistan, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus are treated like dirt and lied about constantly. Badly treated also are the minority Islamic sects, often relatively peaceable, such as the Ahmadi’s and the Ismaili’s , they often face discrimination and sometimes declarations that they are ‘not really Muslim’. It goes without saying that if you are Jewish it would probably be a good idea to leave Pakistan out of a world tour itinerary, it might turn into a one way trip.

Since independence the Pakistani citizen has been trapped in an ever tightening noose of Islamic bearded savagery, which has seen Pakistan descend in to a frightening depth of now nuclear armed Islamic nuttery, that not only affects Pakistan and its neighbours, but also has adverse affects on those countries that contain members of the Pakistani diaspora.

Sadly, the main reason that I can see why Pakistan is a shithole is down to Islam. After all look at how successful some of the neighbours have been. India for example. It’s not Muslim and it is a success as a nation. Pakistan is among many Islamic nations that are an object lesson on what happens when you put Islam in control of a culture. Time after time we see those societies descend into barbarity and oppression, and it cannot help but be noticed that nearly all these countries have failed in some way.

With the introduction of the feature done it is now time for today’s instalment of ‘Now that is why Pakistan is a shithole’.

Far too often in nations of the free world that have members of the Pakistani diaspora living in it, members of Pakistani Islamic communities too often demand that we in the free world accommodate their views. They demand that we cater for their Halal food laws, that we exempt Islam from criticism, whine when we do criticise Islam and demand the right to set up Islamic Propaganda Centres (Mosques and ‘Islamic Cultural Centres’ as they are also known) without hindrance or challenge.

When the boot is on the other foot however, and a Christian wants to undertake missionary work in Pakistan then the Islamic gloves come off and the bearded savagery comes out to play.

The Pakistani news source Pakistan Today, reports the story of a 70 year old Swedish Christian Missionary and orphanage manager, was shot in the chest and neck by two unidentified men.

Pakistan Today said:

“Sister Birgitta Almby, a 70-year-old Swedish Christian missionary, who has been serving the local Christian community for over 38 years, was shot and seriously injured in a gun attack on Monday. 
According to details, Sister Birgitta, who is a resident of Model Town and works as the director for Full Gospel Assemblies, left her office in Kot Lakhpat at 2pm for her house when two unidentified men fired shots at her. She was hit in the chest from where the bullet damaged her lungs and jugular vein. Passersby and police rushed her to Jinnah Hospital in a serious condition.
Dr Ali Usman of Jinnah Hospital told Pakistan Today that the bullet had damaged Birgitta’s lungs. “We have kept her in Intensive Care Unit where her situation is precarious because of excessive bleeding,” he said. 
FGA Principal Liaqat Qaiser told Pakistan Today that Sister Birgitta was serving in Pakistan since long. “She never expressed any threats to her life and moved in the city quite comfortably. Pakistan is her home for so many years and everyone who is acquainted with her will vouch for her dedication and commitment to serve the poor and downtrodden Christians,” he said, adding that the entire Christian community was praying for her life and early recovery. “

Read more at:

Here we see yet again the two faced-ness of Islamic nations and Islamic culture. They demand the right to foist down our throats the ravings of a mentally ill, 7th century, child abusing warlord, but do not allow the actions of non violent Christians who run the orphanages that members of Islamic cultures do not see any moral need for. This discrepancy in attitude, this lack of reciprocity on the part of the followers of Islam, really shows up Islam as the ‘Special Needs’ culture that it truly is.

Islam is the religion that can never seem to grow up and has turned Pakistan into a truly world class shithole.

UPDATE:  news has come in from Sweden that sadly Sister Brigitte Almby hs died of her wounds recieved in the atack by Pakistani Biearded Savages. More details at:


Religious statistics from around the world

Source story for shot Christian story

Hat Tip – Religion of Peace


6 Comments on "Now that is why Pakistan is a S**t-hole"

  1. Noggin the Nog | December 9, 2012 at 4:53 pm |

    Pakistan is a shithole because it is full of pakis. It is not difficult to see why such a country is a wreck. Populate it Japanese or British (proper ones) and the problem will solved in 10 years.

    • Yeah the culture of Islam causes damaged populations where ever it goes. 55% of some Pakistani groups practice multigenerational cousin marriage. That cannot help with the stupidity factor somehow.

  2. Noggin the Nog | December 9, 2012 at 5:51 pm |

    A friend of mine works with disabled children and she says 90% of them are the result of paki inbreeding.

    But nobody dare say to them ‘Stop shagging your relatives’, because that would be racist.

  3. Noggin the Nog | December 9, 2012 at 9:14 pm |

    Maybe nationwide, I’m just talking about my area, which is paki-tastic and degenerating at a frightening rate. I would think that almost all disabilities caused by inbreeding are amongst the paki community, as other groups tend to think of marrying their cousins as disgusting.

    • Unfortunately I cannot comment on the veracity of you figures, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that areas that are heavily Islamised would show higher levels of inherited disability, because of the greater levels of cousin-cousin marriage. What is apparent is that there appears to be less of an issue with consanguinous relationships in Islamic culture when compared to Christian and Jewish culture.

      Whereas in Christian and Jewish communities, marrying your cousin has a very high ‘yuck’ factor, this ‘yuck’ factor doesn’t seem to exist in many Islamic communties.

      Again if you want to see the root of this problem it is in the Koran and how it is interpreted, basically if cousin shagging wasn’t considered an issue for Mo then it’s not an issue for subsequent generations.

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