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  1. A perfectly reasonable letter except that, I think, in her terms her only failure was to prevent some of the relevant information ‘escaping’ into the public domain. I believe she has, or had, an investigation made into the leak, rather than into how to improve child safety (much scope there, I feel, with possibly the first step being her resignation, and I would hope prosecution, for what on the face of it is covering up very serious crimes).

    The fact that Miliband’s (New Labour) candidate was voted in as MP with a substantial majority shows that Thacker and Miliband may have nothing to worry about in terms of Rotherham voter support; however, for most decent folk this is an unsettling glimpse of unrepentant self-righteous ideological vileness lurking in the heart of UK politics, and indeed apparently within the police and law enforcement bodies which would seem to be putrifying from too close contact with the political class.

    • do you have proof that Joyce thacker is a labour supporter or voter. implying the name of a labour mp and her saying they have nothing to worry about implies that she is. she could easily be lib dem. however she should go for doing an interview in her back garden, straying into false claims about ukip im not a fan of them but they are not against multiculturalism and whatever part she played in the rotheram cover up re paedo gangs. whether this will lead to or is a matter for a criminal prosecution i have no way of knowing.

      • Fahrenheit211 | December 20, 2012 at 10:11 am |

        Paul, welcome to Fahrenheit 211. I’ve lived and worked in Labour one party states similar to Rotherham. I’ve seen for myself how close the supposedly politically neutral council officers become politically aligned to the perma-governing Labour group. Knowing what I know about how such council’s work, it would be unusual for there not to be some overlap of support between Labour and the permanent administrative structure in the town.

        I definitely agree she should have gone for the overtly political way she dealt with the UKIP foster parents issue. Re UKIP, I dont’ think that they are classically racist like the BNP but I do think that UKIP have started to recognise, as has a lot of the population, that multiculturalism has brought problems. People are equal but cultures I’m afraid are not.

        I do think that there needs to be more digging done about the Rotherham Islamic Grooming Gang scandal.

    • There are two key issues which Joyce Thacker is responsible for in her position which pose a serious problem for liberty in the UK.

      The first is the classification of political affiliation as an apparent child protection issue.

      The second is the apparent support for paedophilia and child prostitution from a position of ostensibly being responsible for child protection as evidenced by the grooming issues you highlite in the letter.

      Both of these issues are deeply anti-libertarian, and if tolerated by virtue of allowing her to remain in a position of public office have fairly deep implications for basic civil freedoms for all in the UK.

      She is an enemy of liberty, and be removed without question.

      There is no need to waste thought on this matter, or get bogged down in irrelevant politically correct arguments.

      • Fahrenheit211 | December 22, 2012 at 8:04 am |

        Hi Ironclaws, welcome to Fahrenheit211. Good points there. Thacker needs to go. Sadly, because the Left has managed to infiltrate into so many parts of the establishment (thanks Labour) she is pretty secure or is inline for a big taxpayer pay off. The system in the public sector is now so bent in favour of people like Thacker, that they rarely face any meaningful censure.

        Pressure must be kept up until she resigns. She presided over a paedophile scandal on her own patch and was overtly political in a role that should not be. She needs to be removed by Eric Pickles personal and individual decision if necessary. If Pickles took that step he would suddenly become very popular indeed.

  2. Fahrenheit211 | December 17, 2012 at 4:42 pm |

    Hi Derek. Welcome to Fahrenheit211. ‘Self-righteous ideological vileness’, what a wonderful term and could describe any one of the crap Labour party run hell holes I’ve had the displeasure to live in.

    The problem with many places is by combining often bent Islamic postal votes with the tribalistic bovine stupidity of many voters in these Labour ‘one party states’ you seem to end up with a situation where no matter how hard sensible people try, Labour will always control the council.

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