Prosecuted for telling the truth – the death of free speech in Denmark

Danish-Iranian artist Firoozeh Bazrafkan (picture from Right Side News and Jyllands-Posten)

In a previous article I outlined how under section 29J of the United Kingdom’s 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act give some protection to those who wish to criticise or ridicule or campaign against the ideology of Islam. This law quite rightly doesn’t permit a person to attack a Muslim individual, something I’m very much against for many reasons, but does allow “…. criticism or expressions of antipathy, dislike, ridicule, insult or abuse of particular religions or the beliefs or practices of their adherents ..” which is a valuable freedom to have, especially when other freedoms have been removed or reduced. .

Sadly, freedom to criticise the ideology of Islam, even the sort of limited freedoms that we have in the UK, is denied to the citizens of Denmark. Despite the myriad of problems caused by those who follow the commandments of the Prophet Mohammed, criticism of Islam is prohibited by a Government and legal system, dominated by the multiculturalist Left.

The Danes have had to suffer challenging problems caused by their Islamic minority, such as extortion against bar owners and churches in Copenhagen, a rise in general crimes and also the fact that the followers of Islam are ‘over represented’ in the figures for the crime of rape. 4% of the Danish population are Muslim but make up a significant number of rapists. Figures for 2010 as reported by the Danish news source BT show that there were non Muslim 32 Danish born rapists and 22 rapists from Islamic backgrounds.

Even though Islam is in a minority, the ideology of Islam contributes to a shocking number of rapes in Denmark.

Unfortunately speaking out against these problems has consequences for Danes. A Danish person cannot follow their conscience and call out Islamic ideology for the crock of shit that it really is, without fear of arrest.

This chilling of free speech in Denmark is illustrated by the case of a Danish artist and blogger Firoozeh Bazrafkan , who has a Jyllands Posten blog and who has been convicted of “derogative or threatening statements against a variety of minorities “ because she

told the truth about Islamic ideology and culture. Ms Bazrafkan, derided the failures of Islamic culture and stated:

“It is my opinion, being an Iranian-born Dane, that we are here facing a defective and inhuman culture – if this can be considered ‘culture’ at all. But one may say, according to my opinion, this is a defective and inhuman culture, whose manual the Quran is even more immoral, objectionable and insane than the manuals of the two other world religions combined.”

I don’t really disagree with that statement at all and you will find that there are many others in Europe and elsewhere who also agree with it. Wherever in the world that Islam sets up shop, you get problems. You get violence, aggression, oppression of women, distaste for education, extortion and extreme intolerance of those who are not Muslim. Islam is a racist, discriminatory ideology and should, in my opinion, be no more considered as a valid ‘culture’ than the German Third Reich should be considered as a valid culture.

According to the Jyllands Posten newspaper in Denmark, Ms Bazrafkan  was fined 8000 Danish Krone by the courts.

It is absolutely terrible and frightening that Ms Bazrafkan has been fined for telling the truth about Islam and shows just how morally bankrupt some European nations have become. Denmark used to have a good reputation for governmental morality especially during World War II when the Danish people refused to hand over their countries Jews to the German Nazi regime, it now grieves me to see how far the Danes have fallen. To see a country that bravely stood up and refused the commands of the Nazis, now kow tow to the equally ideologically horrific Islamo-fascism breaks my heart.

As the commentator in the Jyllands-posten article says: ‘The choice is between freedom and democracy on the one hand, and section 266b on the other. We call on parliament to choose freedom. ‘

Many of us looking from the outside and seeing the Danes surrender to Islamic fascism also hope that the Danish government will choose freedom, and more specifically freedom to criticise those who wish to destroy freedom, no matter what race, religion or political or ideological group the threat to freedom comes from.

The Danes have a choice, they can be free and speak out against Islam and curb its growing political power, or they can keep silent and throw away their history, and meekly consent to be the permanent slaves of Islam. Unfortunately there is no middle way on this, such is the threat.


Danish online magazine BT on the large number of rapes carried out by foreigners in Denmark. Also this shows the high proportion of offenders from the Islamic community who were convicted of rape.

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