Now that’s why Pakistan is a S**thole number 2

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Islam has contributed greatly to the fact that Pakistan is a basket case of a country. Only the philosophy of Islam could, in the modern world, create a society where women and children are traded like cattle, where harmless members of minority religions are harassed and killed, and where elderly Christian nuns are shot in the street. Islam is the reason for Pakistan being a shithole.

Any hopes that Mohammed Ali Jinnah may have had about the future Pakistan being a place where the Muslims of the sub-continent could live in peace and prosperity have long since been proved false (Jinnah completely forgetting that originally the Muslims of the sub continent were descendants of the Islamic invaders to a Hindu India). Pakistan has descended into chaos and poverty further, each time Islam strutted its stuff on the Pakistani political scene. With each lurch into fundamentalism Pakistani society becomes more sclerotic. If Islam had a motto it would probably read ‘Forward to the 7th Century’.

So, onto today’s lesson on what Islam does to a society. Islamic culture and Islamic society does not have a concept of free speech. Islamic apologists may say it does, but it doesn’t. This is shown by what happens to those who try to exercise their free speech, especially free speech about religion, in Islamic countries. The Bearded Savages of Pakistan, are especially concerned with issues of ‘blasphemy’. Today’s example shows what happens to people who are even accused of blasphemous behaviour in Pakistan.

The BBC reports that a man has been beaten to death after being accused of burning a Koran.

 “A mob in Pakistan has stormed a police station and beaten to death a Muslim man accused of desecrating the Koran.

The victim’s body was then set alight, according to witnesses.

The unnamed victim had earlier been handed over to the police after burnt pages of the Koran were found in a mosque in Dadu district, 330km (200 miles) north of Karachi, where he had been staying overnight.

Hours later a mob went to the police station, seized the man and killed him.

The district police chief, Usman Ghani, told the BBC the gruesome incident was filmed on mobile phones. He said the footage was being reviewed to identify culprits.

Thirty people have so far been detained in connection with the attack.

The local police chief and five of his officers have been arrested for failing to protect the man.”

Of course being a full on ‘Bearded Savage Paradise’, this isn’t the only incident of this type either.

The BBC report adds:

“The BBC’s Shahzeb Jillani says blasphemy is a highly sensitive issue in Pakistan, where scores of people have been killed by mobs or vigilantes.

Our correspondent in Karachi adds that the controversial laws are often misused to persecute minorities or settle scores.

Most recently, international attention focused on the case of Christian teenager Rimsha Masih, who was held over blasphemy allegations.

The case was dismissed last month after a neighbour gave evidence that she had been framed, possibly to chase Christians out of her neighbourhood outside Islamabad.

In 2011, two leading politicians – the Governor of Punjab province, Salman Taseer, and the Religious Minorities Minister, Shahbaz Bhatti – were assassinated after speaking out against the existing blasphemy legislation.”

So, Islamic apologists, how does the killing of a man who was accused, not even convicted mind you, of damaging a copy of the Qu’ran fit in with the idea of ‘there shall be no compulsion in religion’?

Free speech means also having the right to reject, ridicule and defame religion even if it gives offence, none of the Islamic nations in history have given anyone that right, not even in the so called Golden Age of Sepharad / Al Andalus.

I see loads of stuff online that offends me, I either ignore it, laugh at it, feel sorry for the perpetrator, or argue with it when I can. I don’t go mob handed to the police station, drag out the accused and beat them to death over it. Only the followers of Islam do this sort of thing on a regular basis making Islam probably the worlds leading creator of deadly hate filled mobs.

Here’s a thought.  If Islamic communities in the West object to the existence of freedom of speech so much, then why are they still here.  Wouldn’t you be happier in a country like say, Pakistan where the existence of thoughts and beliefs that run counter to Islam are rapidly being weeded out.  If I found elements of the nation that I was in, completely morally unpalatable then I would leave for a country that did conform to my beliefs.

Killed for criticising Islam, even though Islam is the primary reason why Pakistan is a shithole.

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