Bearded Savages of the Day number 47

Bearded savage panel

Any naïve hopes that one day members of the Bearded Savage community would start to behave like civilised humans get dashed again with this tale of the actions of bearded savages in Germany.

In the German city of Bonn, a 24 year old Indian student was approached at night by a group of Muslims who demanded that he convert to Islam. Like any person with more than one brain cell, the student refused. Because he refused he was beaten badly and had his tongue slashed with a knife.

The Singaporean newspaper, The Straits Times, quoting an Associated Press story, reported:

“Police say an Indian student in Germany has been attacked and injured by suspected Islamic extremists who accosted him and demanded that he convert to Islam. “

Methinks that the word ‘suspected Islamic extremists’ was a bit superfluous here. After all it’s highly unlikely that this attack was carried out by rogue members of the Church of Scotland is it?

The report continued:

“Police spokesman Frank Piontek said on Thursday that two attackers in the western German city of Bonn severely beat the 24-year-old and then slashed his tongue with a knife.

Police say the attackers walked up to the student in a city street late on Monday and demanded that he convert to Islam – then beat him up after he refused to do so”

This incident doesn’t exactly match the rhetoric of the Islamic apologists who say that there is ‘no compulsion in religion in Islam’ does it? Maybe instead of listening to those in authority who make soothing, comforting noises about Islam, we should look instead at the actions of those who follow Islam and take that as a more true representation of what Islam is all about.

There is a growing disconnect, between what the apologists say about Islam, and what the ordinary person in the street sees of Islam. Representatives of the state tell us that ‘Islam is peace,’ while all the real evidence says that Islam means war.’

How long will people accept these lies about Islam being peaceful when Islam plainly is not and this is something we can see in our own contemporary society and by looking at the history of Islamic conquest.


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