Bearded Savages of the day number 48

Bearded savage panel

To the Indian Ocean islands of Zanzibar for today’s bit of bearded savagery, and another example of the famed Islamic ‘tolerance’ for members of other faiths.

A Catholic priest was shot and seriously injured in an attack in the capital, Zanzibar City.

The Sowetan Newspaper from South Africa reports:

“The Christmas Day shooting happened as Father Ambrose Mkenda was returning home from his church at around 7:45 pm (1645GMT), Zanzibar police spokesman Aziz Juma said.

Mkenda was hit in his arm and chest.

As doctors battled to save his life, members of the Christian minority community gathered at Mnazi-Mmoja Hospital in the old town of Zanzibar.

“The injured priest is the head of the Tomondo Catholic Church and also cashier” Aziz Juma said, adding that it was not immediately clear if the attack had been religiously motivated.

“Investigation continues, but it may be also that the attackers thought the priest had money”, he said, adding that a pistol had been used in the attack.

Well I suppose robbery is one motive but as Christians make up only 3% of Zanzibar’s population, and knowing just how badly Christians are treated in other Islamic majority countries you don’t have to be Einstein to come to the conclusion that this was at least in part, a religiously motivated attack. After all the bearded savages are only doing what the prophet Mohammed did, which was rob and kill members of the Christian and Jewish communities of the ancient Arabian peninsular.

As can be expected with the Bearded Savage world, attacks on Christians are not a ‘one-off’ in Zanzibar as the Sowetan newspaper reports that there have been other attacks on Christians.

The Sowetan added:

“This is the second attack on a cleric in recent weeks, but the last one, in November, was an acid attack on a Muslim cleric, who was injured on his face and chest. “

Zanzibar, yet another Islamic country where it is unsafe to belong to any religion other than Islam. Islam demands respect from the non Muslim but never appears to offer any reciprocal respect.


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