Bearded Savages of the Day number 51

Bearded savage panelThere is very little violence in today’s Bearded Savage story, for a change, but instead we have an example of Islamic idiocy and cultural oppression of women.

The Indonesian newspaper The Jakarta Globe, reports that an area of the country run by Islamic groups has banned women from straddling motorcycles.

The Jakarta Globe said:

“The administration of the Aceh town of Lhokseumawe is set to issue a regulation that will ban female passengers from straddling motor bikes.

“We’ve seen that people’s behaviors and morals are getting far from Aceh’s Islamic cultural values. Therefore we will issue a regulation that will ban women from straddling while sitting on the passenger’s seat of motorcycles,” Lhokseumawe mayor Suaidi Yahya told the Jakarta Globe.

“We want to save women from things that will cause them to violate Shariah law. “

And we all know what happens to women in bearded savage areas who violate Shariah law don’t we?

The mayor added:

“We wish to honor women with this ban, because they are delicate creatures,” he added. “

Obviously here is a man who has not spent time with British female bikers, ‘delicate creatures’ is not an expression I would use within the earshot of a British lady biker, I’d probably get a slap if I did.

Of course being bearded savages, the restrictions on women will not stop at straddling motorbikes, plans are afoot to control what women wear, to comply with Shariah Law.

The Jakarta Globe added:

““There will be sanctions for those who violate [the regulation],” he added, although refusing to name the sanctions.

Suaidi further explained that the planned bylaw was expected to discourage women from wearing pants in public.

“It will be easier for women to avoid straddling motorcycles if all of them wear skirts.”

So starts the growing Islamic targetting of Indonesian women with restrictions on women’s transport and restrictions on the clothing that women are allowed to wear. Can anyone doubt that the whole panoply of Islamic women hatred will not follow close behind these new laws.

Where Islam thrives, women’s freedom dies.


Hat tip ROP