He’d have been better off looking in Golders Green or Stamford Hill

If you were looking for fish you would look in the sea, if you were looking or wood you would go to a forest and if you was looking for a Jewish bride you would go to…..Mecca!

Now that doesn’t look very plausible does it? If you was looking for a Jewish bride you would look somewhere there were likely to be Jewish women, that would be logical, right? However one Saudi man who desired to become a Jewish husband, and take on one of life’s ‘non-speaking parts’*, decided to hand out leaflets in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, asking if anyone could help him find a Jewish bride.

Al Arabiya newspaper, said that police arrested the man, who is believed to be suffering for a mental illness. He is also likely to be suffering from some form of catastrophic internal geography failure if he thinks that he will find a Jewish bride in Mecca, the one city in the world that is guaranteed to be 100% Muslim.

Al Arabiya said:

“Police at the Grand Mosque in Mekkah arrested on Thursday a man found carrying papers that show he is looking for a Jewish woman to marry, according to a report by the daily al-Hayat newspaper.

Lieutenant Abdulmohsen Maiman, spokesman for the Grand Mosque police, told the paper that the 49-year-old Saudi national could be suffering from “mental disorder.” 
He said the man was arrested in possession of “five documents containing contradictory information showing the man’s mental state and expressing his desire to marry a Jewish a woman,” al-Hayat reported.
Lieutenant Maiman denied earlier reports that the man was handing out papers to worshippers and asking them for help in finding his Jewish dream wife.”

I’ve got a nasty feeling that part of his treatment by what the source calls ‘specialist physicians’ in Saudi is going to involve the non-consensual application of electrodes to genitals, fancying Jewish women, is not something that’s readily accepted in Saudi, a country that is, quite frankly, the tip of the Bearded Savage dung heap.

If this guy does survive, and he does find his dream Jewish bride, I will raise a l’Chaim glass to this complete Meshuganah, and wish him Mazal Tov.


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Meshuganah = Crazy person

Mazal Tov = used as Congratulations

l’chaim = a toast, ‘To Life’.

* very old joke

Hat Tip http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/